Grand Theft Auto Online lets players take a joyride through Los Santos with well over 300 different vehicles that range from monster trucks to tricked-out supercars. However, there are some super rare cars that most players will never get to ride. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 rarest cars in GTA Online 2023.

1. Lost Slamvan

The Lost Slamvan is a unique variant of the Vapid Slamvan - it was the gang car of the Lost MC in GTA IV's The Lost and the Damned DLC. Because of that, the car bears the Lost's insignia and tribal-like markings around.

It can only be acquired by spinning the Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino & Resort. You can spin the wheel once per day, and every time, you have a ~14.3% chance of winning a mystery vehicle.

Lost Slamvan
Lost Slamvan in GTA Online

However, there is yet another layer of RNG. If you win, there is only a ~0.72% chance the vehicle is a Lost Slamvan. In total, the chance comes out to a roughly 0.005% shot, which equates to 1 in 20,000. This makes the Lost Slamvan the hardest-to-get vehicle in GTA Online.

2. Rusted Tractor

This is the absolute worst vehicle in the game but is also one of the rarest. The old farm vehicle has nowhere near the performance of the worst car... however, it should be the center of people's attention if you drive it around in GTA Online.

Rusted Tractor
Rusted Tractor in GTA Online

The requirements for getting the Rusted Tractor are double that of the Space Docker - you need tier 1000 Sponsorship in the multiplayer Arena War mode. You'd be hard-pressed to find an active lobby to grind out Sponsorship Tiers nowadays.

3. Space Docker

The Space Docker is a highly modified variant of the Dune Buggy with many "spaceship parts" added to its body. It is customized in an alien/space theme, with two thrusters on the back and two small wings. You can even glide for a short distance after driving down from the higher ground.

Space Docker
Space Docker in GTA Online

It is not easy to get the Space Docker in GTA Online, however... as it is tied to one of the older multiplayer modes in the game, Arena War. You need to grind this mode to Sponsorship tier 500 to get the Space Docker, and lobbies for Arena Wars are rare nowadays.

4. Modded Dubsta 2

The Dubsta 2, especially the modded variant, is the white whale of GTA Online. It is an extremely rare spawn and you need to meet a number of specific requirements for it to appear. The spawn rate of this vehicle is exceedingly low - you might have to waste a lot of time waiting.

Modded Dubsta 2
Modded Dubsta 2 in GTA Online

The Modded Dubsta 2 spawns between 8 AM and 3 PM near a particular driveway in Vinewood Hills. This is the best possible location for this car to spawn. It is more likely to appear in the latter half of this period, from 12 AM to 3 PM. After carjacking the Dubstar, you can just take it to Los Santos Customs to make it your own. You need a lot of luck to get the rarest vehicles in GTA Online.

5. FIB Buffalo

The unique FIB Buffalo is a special vehicle that the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) agents use. They can only be encountered at the highest wanted levels. While you can steal one after taking down a FIB agent, that specific car can't be modified or insured.

FIB Buffalo
FIB Buffalo in GTA Online

To get a permanent FIB Buffalo for keep, you need to grind out Hostile Takeover VIP missions. The one that has an obtainable FIB Buffalo involves the Los Santos National Airport - it should spawn in one of the hangars.

6. Declasse Tornado - Mariachi Variant

This is a special beater variant of the Tornado, featuring guitars and mariachi hats in the backseat. It spawns at 7:00 PM on a cliff near the Altruist Camp and is surrounded by police. The car will drive off if not reached in time.

Gta5 Vehicle Tornadomariachi 4230 1080
Declasse Tornado in GTA Online

To get the car, players need to use a sniper rifle and shoot the people in the car. Approach and steal it or call Lester to pick it up. Then, players can take the vehicle to Los Santos Customs and put a tracker on it. It’s worth pointing out that this particular rare car cannot be stored, but players can place it in their GTA Online garage.

7. Modded Sandking XL

The Modded Sandking XL is a special variant of the Sandking XL, which can rarely be obtained. To get it, steal a regular Sandking XL (the 4-door version, not the 2-door SWB) that spawns regularly on Highway 68.

Gtaonline Sandkingxl Npcmodified 2 8493 1080
Modded Sandking XL in GTA Online

Afterward, starting at the Harmony LSC, take the dirt road south, then make a U-turn between the two houses and come back. Alternately, drive east towards the prison, but turn left off-road across from the fruit stand, then double back along the dirt road atop the bluff.

Do this between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and you should spawn either a yellow or blue Sandking XL, worth about $17,500 and $18,600 respectively, at the RV dealership.

8. Canis Mesa (Merryweather)

The Merryweather variant of the Mesa is actually pretty rare. The easiest way to obtain it is to call Merryweather and set mercenaries on another player for $7,500.

Mesa3 Gtav Front
Canis Mesa (Merryweather) in GTA Online

After around one minute, mercenaries will begin spawning in Mesas near the targeted player. Steal one of the Mesas, killing the mercenaries on the player's own if necessary, then drive it to Los Santos Customs to purchase a tracker and insurance.

9. Maibatsu Mule

There is a unique ramp door version of the box truck that was initially cut from the game. This vehicle can only be found in a single resupply mission during the Gunrunning update, and you can't steal it to own.

Mule Ramp Door
Maibatsu Mule in GTA Online

Once you complete the Steal Supplies Mission and destroy a rival competitor in the drug trade, you lose the truck.

10. FIB Granger

A variant of the civilian Granger, the FIB SUV will spawn and can be stolen during a pursuit of a Wanted Level of four stars in Los Santos. It will spawn with 1 driver and 2 NOOSE agents hanging off the side.

Fibgranger Gtav Frontquarter
FIB Granger

The FIB Granger can spawn at the Grand Senora Desert satellite dish facility, across East Joshua Road, just south of Sandy Shores, at 10:00 AM every day. Two FIB vehicles will spawn there: two FIB Buffaloes, two FIB Grangers, or one of each.

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