The Acid Business is a new business added to GTA Online as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Unlike recent businesses, Acid is actually rather simple - players don't even need to buy a vehicle or anything. This makes the business very cost-effective for those who are cash-strapped.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete guide for starting an Acid Lab business in GTA Online Los Santos Drug War.

How To Start An Acid Lab Business

1. Complete 6 First Dose Missions

Firstly, players need to complete the First Dose mission chain. As soon as they log in, Ron Jakowski will give them a call, asking for help with a business opportunity. Just look for the "R" icon on the map and set a waypoint for that destination.

Just walk into the yellow corona in front of the liquor store to trigger the first mission. There are 6 of them to complete:

  • First Dose 1 - Welcome to the Troupe
  • First Dose 2 - Designated Driver
  • First Dose 3 - Fatal Incursion
  • First Dose 4 - Uncontrolled Substance
  • First Dose 5 - Make War not Love
  • First Dose 6 - Off the Rails

After the last mission, players will be able to acquire the MTL Brickade 6x6, a heavy-duty vehicle that includes the Maibatsu Manchez Scout C motorcycle. It is used to deliver Acid Products and can also be requested in Freemode.

Preparations to complete the First Dose missions

All six missions can be played Solo or with up to three other friends. Of course, the missions are more manageable with friends, but you shouldn't have a problem taking on the combat challenges present here if you are accustomed to GTA 5's combat.

Recommended weapons to buy:

  • Special Carbine MK II (Unlocked during Doomsday Heist, use the Carbine MK II if you haven't unlocked this weapon)
  • Grenade Launcher (available for purchase after rank 60)
  • Grenades
  • Shotgun

Recommended items to buy:

It is best to stock up on healing items and get the heaviest body armor you can buy, as there will be a lot of combat. The number you can buy depends on your level, but we recommend being at least level 50 to buy Super Heavy Armor.

2. Set up the Acid Lab Business

Once you acquire the necessary lab equipment, the Brickade 6x6 will become your HQ to make your very own party drops on the go, and the talented Mutt will help you get your new business up and running. Players will have to pay him $750,000 to install the Acid Lab on the back of the Brickade 6x6.

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Acid Lab Business GTA

Sourcing supplies can be as easy as paying Mutt to order them, or you can get your hands dirty by reclaiming runoff from Humane Labs, stealing grain and volatile chemicals. Rolling up your sleeves and putting in a short shift yourself will even boost production speeds. Once cooked, the final product will need to be delivered to prospective buyers and kept out of the hands of the authorities.

Be sure to park the Brickade 6x6 outside the Freakshop as otherwise, you won't be able to access the source mission. Just like that, players can set up their Acid Business and earn that income.

3. Is the Acid Lab business profitable?

Mixing drugs in Acid Lab GTA Online

Acid Lab upgrades & cost

Besides the $750k setup cost, the Acid Lab also has a number of upgrades that you can apply in the Freak Lab, including all the usual vehicle upgrades:

  • Acid Lab Equipment- $250K, Unlocked by completing 10 Fooligan Jobs which are started by calling Dax.
  • Armour Plating- installed by default
  • Proximity Mines- Kinetic, Spike, EMP, Slick and Sticky
  • Ram Weapons- None, Light Ram (installed by default), Reinforced Ram ($213750), Heavy Ram ($242250), Large Scoop ($280250).

It also has a number of unique liveries including a Humane Labs one.

The acid lab vehicle.

How to use Acid Lab?

Additionally, it's worth noting that as this is a completely separate drug business from the MC Businesses, you can operate the Lab and source supplies as a CEO:

  • A full supply from the Acid Lab sells for $237,500. You need to resupply the Lab 3 times to generate full stock without the upgrade; so 3 x $60K if you purchase supplies.
  • A full supply with the Acid Lab equipment upgrade sells for $335,200, the equipment costs $250K.
  • High demand bonus applies when selling in a public session.
  • Non-boosted production: 6 hours without upgrade, 4 hours with upgrade. Boosted production: 4.5 hours without upgrade, 3 hours with upgrade.

Is the Acid Lab profitable?

The profit margin of the Acid Lab is about the same as other businesses, however, it has other special quirks and benefits:

  • Acid Lab cannot be raided. Unlike the MC Businesses, players don’t need to keep disbanding their clubs to prevent raids.
  • Additionally, the Acid Lab is also very convenient. Players can restock it over the phone - there is no need to head over to the lab to purchase supplies. Furthermore, unlike the tedious Post-Op vans/Garbage Truck sell missions, players can easily sell their product with just one vehicle.

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