The GTA Online Winter DLC has finally been revealed by Rockstar Games. In a recent post on newswire, they announced a big update with major gameplay changes and new interesting features.

Apparently, the content of this update is going to be put out in multiple patches and players can expect frequent updates in the next few months. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 5 most notable additions in GTA Online Winter DLC 2022.

1. A new character

In the latest newswire, Rockstar mentioned that "familiar faces" will make an appearance as part of the Winter update 2022. So far, the only one revealed is a new character called Dax.


Apparently, he is going to be added to the online open world and can also be contacted via iFruit. Dax will introduce a new type of business to players - Rockstar has hinted at this by mentioning "... a new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits on a mission to expand the minds of the citizens of Los Santos, one trip at a time.”

2. Permanent payout boost

Looks like the amount of grind players need to do in GTA Online is about to be cut short. In the Winter update, Smuggler's Sell Missions are going to yield three times the payout now, and the changes are permanent. The devs might even throw in some weekly boost on top of the increased payout for players to earn even more money.

3. High Demand Bonus

In the upcoming GTA Online winter update, Rockstar is going to add a High Demand Bonus for completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions in a public session. This way players would be able to earn even more money running with a crew in the Vehicle Cargo business.

While these Sell Missions were added to the game as part of the Import/Export update in 2016, they have always been one of the most popular. This new bonus will make them even more useful - it will be part of the Economy Updates for the winter patch 2022.

4. Ray-traced reflections

Looks like GTA is going to get yet another graphical fidelity update. The Ray-Tracing reflections are going to be added - PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X players have gotten them first awhile ago.

The new feature will increase the dynamic lighting and reflections in the game. Players can enable it via the Fidelity Mode graphics settings as part of the new update.

5. Declasse Tahoma Coupe

The Declasse Tahoma Coupe is a two-seater civilian retro-style lowrider, inspired by the Chevrolet Monte Carlo (third generation). It is going to be added to GTA Online later this month, as part of the winter DLC.


Apparently, the car is going to be given to the players for free as a reward for participation in the Heist Challenge. This is a limited time offer and players should fulfill the requirements right away. Rockstar also teased the car with a picture that suggests a lot of cool customization options will be available for it.

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