One of the great features of GTA San Andreas is the dating mini-game, where players can make a female NPC their girlfriend by dating them and giving them presents. When the player successfully has a girlfriend, they will receive different bonuses depending on who they are dating.

In this article, we will rank all girlfriends in GTA San Andreas based on the bonuses you will get.

6) Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson is the first character player can date. Therefore, her requirements are quite simple. However, this also means that her bonuses are not very useful. Players will only get a pimp suit and keys to her dark green Hustler when dating her.

Deniserobinson Gtasade
Denise Robinson is the first character the player can date in GTA San Andreas.

5) Millie Perkins

Millie Perkins becomes available to players after they have completed the Caligula's Palace mission. She and Denise are the only 2 girlfriend characters you will meet in the story missions. The rewards for dating her are also not very much, only a gimp suit and Club.

Millieperkins Gtasade
Millie Perkins doesn't offer a lot of benefit to player.

4) Michelle Cannes

Since Michelle is a mechanic, if the player can make Michelle their girlfriend, they will get access to her Auto Repair Shop and can use it to fix and respray any of his cars for free. This is a great bonus, especially if you are into racing. You just have to Michelle's Auto Repair Shop and get a free repair anytime.

In addition, you will get the key to her Monster Truck and a racing suit.

Michellecannes Gtasade
Michelle will help you save up on the repair cost of your car.

3) Barbara Schternvart

Although Barbara is a cop, you can actually make her your girlfriend in GTA San Andreas. If you can date her, you will not lose your body armor and weapons whenever you get busted.

This is obviously an amazing bonus. You can get out of certain dangerous situations by getting arrested. Also, you will be able to drive her Ranger as well as obtain a police uniform in your wardrobe.

Barbara Schternvart
Barbara's bonuses are really helpful in many situations in the game.

2) Helena Wankstein

Helena Wankstein is a lawyer who has a great passion for guns. So if you managed to date, you will be able to access her shed, which has all kinds of weapons, including a chainsaw, a flamethrower, a pistol, and a couple of Molotov Cocktails.

So if you have the desire to destroy enemies and wreck havoc then Helena will be your perfect girlfriend. Of course, it will not be simple to date her but you can always use cheat codes if you find it too hard.

Helena Wankstein
Helena Wankstein allows to access different types of weapons.

1) Katie Zhan

Finally, we have Katie Zhan, who is a nurse in an ER unit. So if she becomes your girlfriend, you will get free healthcare. Needless to say, this will make your playthrough much much easier since you can afford to make mistakes. You will also get to drive her Romeo and get a medic uniform.

Katie Zhan
By dating Katie, you will have free health care, which allows you to focus on playing without worrying.

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