SUVs or Sport Utility Vehicles are a popular vehicle class in GTA Online. It is favored by players for their looks and decent performance, without being too fragile. In this article, we are going to list out the top 8 fastest SUVs to buy in GTA Online 2022.

1. Pegassi Toros (127.50 mph)

The Pegassi Toros is a luxury crossover SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Arena War update, released on December 18, 2018. Despite being more than three years old, it remains the fastest SUV in the game, rivaling even the high-end sports cars like the Schafter V12, the Z-Type, the XA-21 or even the Adder in drag races.

Pegassi Toros
Pegassi Toros

With a cost of only $498,000, the Pegassi Toros is one of the best investments you can make if your fund is limited. Unlike many cars, the Toros' traction is actually affected by any of the "Front Bumpers" modifications.

2. Lampadati Novak (126 mph)

The Lampadati Novak is a high-end crossover SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of The Diamond Casino & Resort update. The best part of the Novak is probably its handling. The car is very responsive, can take most corners and weave through traffic with no issues.

Lampadati Novak
Lampadati Novak

Its off-road capability is also pretty decent. Players can cruise dirt roads and climb steep hills fairly easily.

3. Übermacht Rebla GTS (123.50 mph)

The Übermacht Rebla GTS is a luxury SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update. This car's best feature is probably its balanced stats, with decent to high in all categories.

Übermacht Rebla GTS
Übermacht Rebla GTS

While its top speed is slower, the Rebla GTS has higher acceleration than the previous two cars and can reach top speed faster. Because of that, it can do fairly well in SUV races.

4. Pfister Astron (119.25 mph)

The Pfister Astron is a luxury 5-door crossover SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. It has a great design, with good performance and control. Performance-wise, the Pfister Astron's best feature is probably its ability to turn without losing much speed.

Pfister Astron
Pfister Astron

Unlike the Enus Jubilee, the Pfister Astron cannot utilize the special Imani Tech modifications. However, it is one of the few vehicles eligible for the special HSW Performance Upgrades exclusive to PS5 & Xbox Series X|S. Players can get to a whopping 137 mph that way.

5. Enus Jubilee (116.75 mph)

The Enus Jubilee is a luxury four-door SUV featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. It is one of the few cars in the game with the option for Imani Tech upgrades. This gives the vehicle much-needed utilities such as the Missile Lock-On Jammer and the Remote Control Unit.

The former is a useful tool to evade other players' missiles while the latter can summon the car to your position by remote controlling.

Enus Jubilee
Enus Jubilee

Furthermore, the Enus Jubilee also has machine guns and a unique weapon called the Slick Proximity Mines. They release a large amount of oil on the surface, causing vehicles passing over them to lose control.

6. Gallivanter Baller ST (112.00 mph)

The vehicle is essentially a sportier variation of the Baller LE LWB, which at the same time, is a derivative of the Baller LE and the second generation Baller. The discounted Trade Price for the Baller ST is unlocked after completing the VIP Contract Mission "Don't Fuck with Dre" as leader.

Ballerst Gtaoe Front
Gallivanter Baller ST

Baller ST barely outperforms its brethren, but it's hella good in the snow. Additionally, it has more customizations than the ones in the past. The interior looks like 2013 but is still usable.

7. Vapid Contender (109.00 mph)

The Contender assumes the design of a lifted four-door pick-up truck resembling the Second Generation Toyota Tundra Devolro Diablo. The car is fairly bad, with rather low top speed and acceleration. On the bright side though, the Contender is impressively durable with collisions and gunfire.

Vapid Contender

Handling is below average with the truck feeling heavy, and understeering around corners. Despite it being a pickup, it is not good off-road, since the truck is only rear-wheel drive, and the suspension is firm and does not have enough ground clearance.

8. Gallivanter Baller LE (108.75 mph)

The Baller LE is a Limited Edition version of the second generation Baller, based on the 2015-2017 Range Rover Sport SVR (L494). The Baller LE performs much better than the original models, as it has improved handling, acceleration rate and braking, thanks to its apparently improved V8 engine.

Ballerle Gtao Front 1
Gallivanter Baller LE

Despite the ingame website's remark, it actually boasts impressive torque and offroading capabilities.

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