The Nightshark is one of the most popular vehicles in GTA Online. Aside from the cool name, it is one of the nicest-looking armored, military-style vehicles available to purchase. In this article, is going to showcase the top 5 reasons players should buy the Nightshark in GTA Online.

1. High durability

The Nightshark is very heavily armored. When upgraded, the vehicle can withstand the most explosions out of all vehicles in the game. Most players use rockets from a Homing Missile Launcher or an Oppressor MK2 to deal with vehicles, and it takes a whopping 27 rockets to blow the Nightshark up. A good driver can even evade some of the missiles, making the task even harder.

Nightshark Gtao Front

Its high durability is perfect for GTA Online players who don't want to be interrupted by griefers or random accidents that often happen in the game.

2. Anti-Aircraft Trailer

Players can buy an additional Anti-air weapon system and attach it behind the Nightshark in the form of a trailer. It is equipped with a turret that has 360-degree coverage and a 40-degree elevation angle effectively purposed for attacking aircraft and most threats on the ground.

Antiaircrafttrailer Gtao Front
Anti-Aircraft Trailer

The turret can be customized with three types of weapons:

  • The stock MG option usually gives general flexibility against targets, since the Nightshark cannot aim its weapons anywhere other than its front, exposing the large windshield against targets wielding machine guns.
  • The Flak Cannon option gives the vehicle a better way to defeat enemy heavy armor, again due to the Nightshark's lack of firepower and angle of attack, and the Flak's extremely high damage per shot, but that means exposing the trailer directly to the enemy threat, especially tanks and weaponized aircraft. One must be careful not to attack the Nightshark that is towing the trailer, as this will heavily damage the Nightshark and blow up the trailer.
  • The SAM option gives good capabilities at taking out long-range aircraft, compensating the lack of heavy firepower of the Nightshark. Land vehicles can be taken out with the SAM battery, but the low fire rate limits its effectiveness against armored targets.

3. Decent speed and maneuverability

For an armored vehicle of this size, the Nightshark performs exceptionally well. It has great acceleration and good top speed, as well as great handling, able to sort most turns on the road, though one may experience slight understeer on sharp turns. Even with the trailer attached, the Nightshark's speed remains the same.

While it cannot compete with most supercars in a race, the top speed of 105 mph is more than enough to evade enemies' attacks. It also pushes other vehicles around fairly easily with the reinforced bumper.

4. Can be weaponized

Machine Gun: The driver has access to four front-facing machine guns, which perform the same as those of vehicles such as the Blazer Aqua and the Ruiner 2000. They have decent firepower against players and vehicles with none or light armor, but will struggle against heavily-armored vehicles.

895 3
The machine guns

While the usage of these guns is fairly limited, they do give players an edge in chases. Their firepower can take out the enemies' tires fairly easily.

5. Appearance

The Nightshark is depicted as an armored SUV with a large and bulky design. The front end is predominated by a heavy-duty bumper with a steel bar on the center, numerous holes above and trapezoid shapes on the edges.

Overall, it is very good-looking, which might suit players who are fans of military designs.

Vehicles similar to the Nightshark

Ruiner 2000

The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is a modified muscle car featured in GTA Online as part of the Import/Export update. With it being one of the most expensive vehicles in the game, the Ruiner is top tier in pretty much every aspect, especially defense. Its speed and maneuverability are higher than the insurgent... and that's why it is higher on the list.

Ruiner 2000
Ruiner 2000

Weapon-wise, the Ruiner 2000 comes with tons of features. It has machine guns and homing missiles, along with a power hop mechanism and parachute hatch. The homing launchers equipped on the Ruiner 2000 are extremely deadly - they track targets super well.

Insurgent Pick-Up

The HVY Insurgent Pick-Up is a Light Armored Personnel Vehicle (LAPV) featured in GTA Online as part of the Heists Update. Being a pick-up, this vehicle can carry more people than a normal insurgent. It also comes with a roof-mounted Browning M2HB.50 caliber machine gun that can be controlled by anyone sitting in the rear cabin seats.

Insurgent Pick-Up
Insurgent Pick-Up

In terms of overall performance, the Insurgent Pick-up is lackluster in acceleration due to its weight... however, its top speed is acceptable. The weight also helps in keeping it grounded when cornering. Furthermore, the Insurgent is deadly for ramming - its full-speed charge can cripple or even disable many other road vehicles.

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