While you can level up strength fairly easily by punching a car with another player inside it, not everyone has friends to cooperate with. This is where the NPCs come into play. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 best spots to increase strength in GTA Online.

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Strength in GTA Online

Strength is the measurement of how strong your character is. When you increase this stat, it will improve how much damage you can inflict in melee combat. Furthermore, it also decreases the damage you take from certain attacks. Players need to land 20 punches to raise strength by 1%.

To freely train, just activate the Pier Pressure mission from Gerald. This allows players to punch pedestrians pretty easily without triggering the cops.

1. Pleasure Pier (Del Perro Beach)

As this location is right next to a beach, it has a high volume of pedestrians. Players can easily run around punching them to increase their strength. Furthermore, they can also visit the amusement park or the workout area nearby. There are a lot of opportunities to encounter different NPCs

Pleasure Pier

Just remember to avoid the area underneath the pier, as the Vagos and Lost MC NPCs are waiting down there. Meeting them would trigger the mission. The best part about Pier Pressure training is that there is no time limit.

2. Vespucci Beach (Vespucci)

Vespucci Beach is also a great target for strength training in GTA Online. Similar to the Pleasure Pier, Vespucci Beach is filled to the brim with NPCs. They also respawn very fast so players usually never run low on new targets.

Vespuccibeach Gtav 1
Vespucci Beach

This spot is only good during the day, as next to no one show up at night. The vast open space of the beach allows players to train stamina as well. They might want to bring an off-road vehicle for convenient transportation.

3. Vinewood Walk of Fame (Downtown Vinewood)

Similar to real Hollywood, GTA Online's Vinewood is also heavily populated with a lot of traffic. GTA players can freely move around and pick fights, especially with large groups of NPCs inside the movie theater and sidewalks.

Vinewoodwalkoffame Gtav Pcscreenshot
Vinewood Walk of Fame

As Downtown Vinewood also has a low crime rate, it is unlikely that any NPC would retaliate with dangerous weapons.

4. Los Santos Golf Club (GWC and Golfing Society)

The Golf course is actually a great location for training Strength that's often underestimated. Players can simply get inside it by walking through the main entrance of the parking lot. The huge stretch of land can also be used for stamina training.

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Los Santos Golf Club

Once inside, just walk toward the mansion to find golfers relaxing on the patio and near the fountain. Players can begin their assault.

5. Vanilla Unicorn (Strawberry)

The Vanilla Unicorn is usually packed to the brim with pedestrians regardless of the time of day. To gain strength here, players should just park their vehicle right in front of the entrance to stop NPCs from coming in or out. Once inside, players can start attacking them to gain strength.

Vanilla Unicorn Club E87c
Vanilla Unicorn

Pedestrians will always respawn inside other rooms of the buildings - players should go through all the rooms then circle back. Consider activating stealth mode before striking to level stealth as well.

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