The latest update of GTA 5 has brought consoles players numerous new features that improve the playing experience. One of the best features in this update is the Criminal Career Path in GTA Online. These features introduce new players to 4 different Criminal Careers to start with. On top of that, the game will give you $4,000,000 "to kick-start your Criminal Career". Let's take a closer look at this new feature and find out the best criminal career GTA 5.

Best Criminal Career Gta 5
Players can choose a career path to start with in the latest update of GTA 5.

GTA Online Career builder

When players create a new character, they will be presented with these 4 career paths:

  • Biker
  • Executive
  • Gunrunner
  • Nightclub Owner

After choosing a career, you will get $4,000,000 to buy relevant properties, vehicles, and weapons of that career. The money is entirely yours and you are free to use it in any way you like. Each career path will have different priorities to upgrade your weapons, vehicles, or business.

GTA Online Career Path

1. Biker

Biker is a great career path for new players since it is simple and requires a low investment. With this path, you will start out as an MC Club or Motorcycle Club. You will be mostly doing making drugs, forged documents, fake cash, weed farms, and cocaine lookups to make money.

You need to find supplies by either stealing them or producing them yourself. If you are playing solo, it is best to deliver right after each batch of supplies is processed to meet the delivery time.

This path is quite a decent path to start off if you are new to the game. Plus you get the MC President title, which is quite a convenience.

Biker Gta 5
The Biker business in GTA 5 is easy to start with and there is little investment.

2. Executive

Choosing this path will make you a CEO with an office and a Warehouse. That's why this is arguably the best Criminal Career GTA 5 to pick.  With Warehouses, you can sell Vehicle Cargo and Special Cargo, which will bring you a large amount of cash.

The trick is to source standard and mid-range vehicles to your Vehicle Warehouses so you can get high-end Source Vehicles in the future and get even more profit.

You can run Special Cargo missions by buying a Backlot or Garage. It is pretty much the same business as Vehicle Cargo. You trigger Crate recovery operations and store them in your Backlot or Garage to later sell them at a high price.

Executive Gta 5
The Executive path will give you an office and a Warehouse to buy and sell vehicles/cargos.

3. Gunrunner

If you choose the Gunrunner path, you will get to own a Bunker right at the start, which is a really valuable asset. However, using a Bunker is quite a complicated business. You might want to go through a guide on how to make money with a Bunker before jumping into it.

First, you need to use your money for Equipment Upgrade and Staff Upgrade, which costs $1,500,000. But that should not be a problem as you have the money from the GTA Online Career builder.

In the Gunrunning business, you need to obtain supplies by either Buying Supplies or Stealing Supplies. These supplies can be used for Research or Manufacturing. When you assign staff to manufacture, your stock meter will rise and you can sell the stock for profits.

Gunrunner Gta 5
The Gunrunning business gives a great income and access to different weapons.

4. Nightclub Owner

The Nightclub Owner Career seems like an appealing option at first, but it is actually the worst out of the four. While this path has many different activities, it cannot earn money as much as the Gunrunner or the Executive business. On top of that, you need to spend a lot of upfront costs in order to start the business.

Your business mostly involves hiring Technicians and assigning them to South American Imports, Cargo & Shipments, Pharmaceutical Research, Sporting Goods, and Cash Creation. Thus, you need to first own these businesses. The upside is that you don't really have to do anything and get passive income.

If you still insist to go with this path, you can check out our guide on how to make money as Nightclub Owner in GTA 5.

Nightclubs Gtao Warehousemanagement
You need to own other businesses in order to make a profit from the Nightclub.

Best Criminal Career GTA 5

The best Criminal Career GTA 5 is the Gunrunner path. With this path, you can have access to a Bunker with MK2 weapon and vehicle upgrades. On top of that, the business can offer you a steady amount of income.

That being said, the Executive path and Biker path are also very decent options. Your ultimate goal is to get $2.2 million to get the Kosatka submarine. You will then be able to do the Cayo Perico Heist, which is pretty much the best money-making activity in the game right now and you can do it solo.

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