Hao's Special Works is newly added to GTA 5 LS Car Meet. Players can upgrade selected 4-wheels with the special HSW Tuning Upgrades which are elusive in the game’s new-gen version.

In this guide, we will provide you with the full GTA 5 Hao car list as well as how to upgrade the car to your preference.

Gta 5 Hsw
Which car is available for Special Works upgrades?

Special GTA 5 Hao Car List

The GTA 5 Hao car list only has nine cars, including the 5 next-gen exclusive ones such as Karin S95 and Coil Cyclone II.

  1. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
  2. Grotti Turismo Classic
  3. Coil Cyclone II
  4. Ubermacht Sentinel XS
  5. Karin S95
  6. Bravado Banshee
  7. Imponte Arbiter GT
  8. Weaponized Pegassi Ignus
  9. Pfister Astron Custom
Gta 5 Hao Car List
GTA 5 Hao car list.

As the Karin is free within a limited duration, you can mess around with it and the upgrades for a while.

From then on, you can find Hao’s Special Works inside the Los Santos Car Meet which is designed to be easily seen by the massive HSW logo on the wheel. Walk up to the spot in order to begin tuning things.

How to upgrade Hao’s Special Works in GTA 5 Online

These are the several steps you must take on in order to unlock Hao Special Work in GTA 5.

  1. Open GTA 5 Online
  2. Wait for Hao’s call
  3. Find Hao’s Vehicle in the Vinewood Garage
  4. Complete the Time Trial
  5. Go to the Los Santos Car Meet
  6. Buy a membership from Mimi if you haven’t already

You are now able to access Hao’s Special Works!

1. Wait for Hao to call

Getting yourself introduced to Hao and his program is the most effortless step as you will get a call from him just a bit after launching GTA 5.

Call From Hao
After you wander around a bit, Hao will contact you and talk about a cool vehicle he wants you to test drive.

2. Find the vehicle and complete Time Trial

The car tuner would ask the player to complete a Time Trial in one of his cars which you must pick up from a Vinewood garage.

Go to the garage following the map, watch the cutscene and start doing the Time Trial.

It would take just five or six minutes to complete even when you’re not the most seasoned driver in the game.

Hsw Engine
This Time Trial has a duration of 8 minutes, so you don’t have to fret about it.

Throughout the time trial, Hao will introduce the exclusive upgrades to Hao's Special Works, including braking, engine, and transmission tuning. The car goes faster than anything in the PS4 game.

3. Head to Los Santos Car Meet

As the time trial ends, you will be outside Cypress Flats. This is also conveniently where the LS Car Meet occurs.

You will get a call from Hao telling you that you successfully completed the test and should stop off at his Special Works to upgrade your vehicle.

Ls Car Meet
You can get a free tuning conversion and a slew of bonus cosmetics.

4. Purchase a membership

Once it’s said and done, you need to purchase a Los Santos Tuners membership in case you have not done this. Its cost is $50,000 in-game and you can get it from Mimi in the Car Meet. She sits in the trunk of her car.

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