GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced or Next-Gen are finally released, bringing console players tons of new improvement and content. A highlight of this update is Hao's Special Works in the LS Car Meet, where you can get a free Karin S95 and a free (Hao's Special Work) HSW car upgrade.

Karin S95
Returning players will be able to claim the Karin S95 with the HSW upgrade for free.

How To Claim A Free Karin S95 And More In GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced

The update brings 5 new vehicles to GTA 5, which are: Pfister Astron Custom, Coil Cyclone 2, Karin S95, Imponte Arbiter GT, Weaponized Ignus. All of these 5 vehicles can use the new HSW car upgrade.

To claim the Karin S95 for free, players simply can just log in to GTA Online and enter the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website. The price of the Karin S95 is $1,995,000 but you will be able to claim it for free for returning players. Also, it will already be an HSW upgrade version the moment you claim it. You will get a text message from Hao to remind you to claim the car.

Hey, it's your boy Hao. Welcome to the LS Party, my friend. I got some good news: your first set of wheels is all bought and paid for. Perks of being an influencer, right? Just get online and buy it for a grand total of zero dollars. Peace out!

Hao will call you again to give you a challenge. He tells you to go to his garage in Vinewood to test out a car. You will get to drive the HSW-Spec Grotti Turismo Classic and if you can beat the time of 08:10:00, you will get a free HSW upgrade. Note that players need to own an HSW compatible car to use the free upgrade.

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