GTA 5 players are very excited to see the enhanced & expanded version of the game. It's set to launch on May 15th, 2022. Here are the top 5 reasons to expect for GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced edition.

#1. Career Builder

In the upcoming expanded and enhanced edition, Career Builder is a new feature that makes changes in the gameplay. Players can select one of four professions, including Biker, Gunrunner, Executive, and Nightclub Owner in order to establish their criminal empire.

You can also get cash bonuses to purchase a property, such as weapons and vehicles. Returners in GTA 5 can also use this new feature to reset their careers when coming back to the game. This new feature is beginner-friendly, so it's very easy to use.

Career Builder
Career Builder is a new amazing

#2. Standalone GTA Online

Currently, GTA Online is a mode in GTA 5 apart from the story offline mode. But in the upcoming edition, GTA Online will be separated from GTA 5 and become a standalone game on 9th-gen consoles. Players on PS5 will have a three-month free trial after the separation.

It's one of the greatest changes to GTA 5 that Rockstar made in the enhanced edition. Players can jump to the Online mode directly without playing the Story Mode.

Gta Online
You can play GTA Online as a standalone game.

#3. Exclusive Features

Apart from Career Builder, the expanded and enhanced edition of GTA 5 also has many desirable features that are totally exclusive. Hao's Special Works is a new exclusive auto shop in this upcoming edition.

Players will be allowed to modify 10 specific vehicles in this new auto shop. Five of these exclusive cars will be released with GTA Online. So, you can experience them right on the first day of the game release.

Haos Special Works
Hao's Special Works is an exclusive feature in the enhanced edition.

#4. New Console Advantages

The ninth-generation advantages of Xbox Series X/S and PS5 will bring GTA 5 players unique gaming experiences. The loading speed will be higher to give you the best UX. In addition, the immersive 3D audio in the ninth-generation console also gives players the most realistic experience in the game. Besides, it also features advanced haptic feedback.

Gta 5
The upcoming edition will have better audio and graphics quality.

It's an amazing feature that may make a renovation in the development of the Grand Theft Auto game franchise. The later products of Rockstars are more anticipated.

#5. Better Graphics

Graphics quality also affects the gaming experience. The current version of GTA 5 has the best graphics ever in this game franchise. But the upcoming Expanded & Enhanced edition of this game will have better graphics.

It's one of the best enhancements that players are highly anticipated. Two new graphics modes HDR and ray-tracing make the game more realistic, vivid, and beautiful. Players can experience the game with a 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

The Game Looks Better
The game looks better in the enhanced edition.

Those are the most anticipated features in the upcoming expanded and enhanced edition of GTA5. The new version will come to you soon. Just stay updated and wait to experience this amazing game edition.

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