GTA 5 has been one of the most popular PC games in the world over the last decade and a big part of the success is thanks to the wonderful performance of the voice actors behind the characters. Their voices have brought life to the characters in GTA 5 with many memorable lines.

Many people might not know, but characters in GTA 5 are actually modeled after the real-life image of their voice actor as well. This is why you will see that they look a lot like their GTA 5 counterpart. Are you curious about who are the real people behind the voices of characters in GTA 5? Lets' check out this article and find out.

1. GTA 5 voice actors Trevor

Gta 5 Voice Actor Trevor
Steven Ogg is the GTA 5 voice actor for Trevor.

The voice actor for Trevor in GTA 5 is Steven Ogg. Before becoming Trevor in GTA 5, he only had minor roles in television shows.

After a short hiatus, he applied to play Trevor Philips and completely nailed the complexity of the character. He gave Trevor a wide range of emotion, making the scene when Trevor digs up Brad's grave in North Yankton one of the best scenes in GTA 5.

After the great success with GTA 5, he made it to other popular TV shows such as Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead, often playing as the crazy character. Steven Ogg has the most successful out of all GTA 5 voice actors.

2. GTA 5 voice actors Michael

Gta 5 Voice Actor Michael
Ned Luke is the GTA 5 voice actor for Michael

Ned Luke is the voice actor for Michael in GTA 5. He retired once but then decided to join the show business once again, which led to one of the most iconic roles in his career.

While he didn't really care much for the video game industry, his agent managed to convince him to audition for Michael De Santa and the rest is history.

Ned is super proud of his work and still very active in the GTA 5 community out of all the GTA 5 voice actors. He even called out a YouTuber for a clickbait video about GTA 6.

3. GTA 5 voice actors Franklin

Gta 5 Voice Actor Franklin
Shawn Fonteno is the GTA 5 voice actor for Franklin

Shawn Fonteno worked as a voice actor in both GTA San Andreas and GTA 5. While his role in GTA San Andreas was unimpactful, he as Franklin Clinton in GTA 5 has given birth to countless memes in the community.

Franklin in GTA 5 is a street gangster. While he is normally a chilled guy, he can be quite intimidating. The meeting with Micheal changed his life as he enter the big leagues. While he can be clueless sometimes, he is very competent.

Funnily, he is the older cousin of rapper Christopher Bellard, the one who plays Carl "CJ" Johnson, the main character in GTA San Andreas.

4. GTA 5 voice actors Lamar

Gta 5 Voice Actor Lamar
Gerald Johnson is the GTA 5 voice actor for Lamar

Gerald Johnson is the voice actor for Lamar in GTA 5. He worked in the TV series Black Jesus prior to GTA 5. The actors brought a great presence to the character. Lamar and Franklin made up an iconic comedy duo with great delivery and clever lines.

The Lamar character in GTA 5 is a very interesting character. He is kind of a crazy guy who would believe in everything he does, which is totally in contrast to his friend Franklin.

5. GTA 5 voice actors Jimmy

Gta 5 Voice Actor Jimmy
Danny Tamberelli is GTA 5 voice actor for Jimmy

Jimmy is a chubby, annoying, whiny character in GTA 5 who is meant to be poked fun of by design.

His in-game appearance and personality make people think of the famous comedy actor, Jonah Hill. However, Jimmy in GTA 5 is actually played by Danny Tamberelli. The role of Jimmy in GTA Online is also performed by Danny as well.

Danny Tamberelli is a comedian and performs rather regularly. He went on tour in 2019 called "Nostalgia Personified."

6. GTA 5 voice actors Lester

Gta 5 Voice Actor Lester
Jay Klaitz  is the GTA 5 voice actor for Lester

Jay Klaitz is the voice actor and model for Lester Crest in GTA 5. He also appeared in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption. Outside of GTA 5, he has roles in various TV shows such as I Just Want My Pants Back, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Rescue Me.

Lester is quite a memorable character in GTA 5. Even though he suffers from physical inabilities, he made it up with his intelligence and a technology master. Lester has known Micheal for quite a long time and they reunited when he found out Micheal faked his death. He is a big help for our protagonists in many missions.

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