According to recent leaks, GTA 6 is currently in development hell, with no end in sight. However, this might actually be a good thing, as the developers would have more time to work on the game. It is obvious that GTA 6 would get all the features from its prequel, however, there is still much that can be improved.

As fans have waited for so long, they drafted plenty of features that they want to see in GTA 6. And here are the most noticeable of all.

1. Character creation

Players have never been able to customize their own character in the GTA game series before... until GTA Online. This feature was super well-received by fans, as it allows players to actually role play as their own character instead of having to play as a male criminal every time.

The act of creating a character itself can be enjoyable and some players take hours to complete it. Overall, having a customizable character feature in GTA 6 would definitely boost the game's replayability, with both complete customization and partial customization being good options.

Character creation
Character creation should be a feature in GTA 6.

2. Missions influenced endings

While GTA 5 has multiple endings, it is still rather bare bones and is only decided by the final mission. Rockstar should take a note from other developers and make GTA 6 endings story-influenced. This means the ending can change based on your decisions in previous missions instead of just the final mission.

Multiple endings would increase the replayability of the game and make players' decisions in their quests actually matter.

Players' decisions should be able to affect endings.

3. Factions

There is a reason that GTA San Andreas stays one of the best GTA games ever made, despite being released years ago. Its faction system or "gangs" is just too good - players get more things to do on the map and are able to connect to the people in the game city outside of their quests.

Factions also increase the level of interactions in the story, as usually you would need to bring down one to support the other. This would definitely be a good feature in GTA 6.

Gang territory
Factions map in GTA San Andreas

4. Evolving map

Most GTA games have a static map, in which nothing changes no matter what the player does. GTA San Andreas is an exception to this rule, as after certain story events, the city turns into chaos because of gang wars.

The world map in GTA 6 should definitely change over time, based on the story events. This would make the same map much more enjoyable for players.

gang wars
Gang wars in GTA San Andreas

5. Multiple storylines

GTA 5's multiple main character approach can definitely be brought back in as a feature in GTA 6. It unlocks multiple perspectives that players can experience and play through, which increases the enjoyment drastically.

GTA 6 can also go a bit further by making their characters come from separate timelines. For example, one in the past and one in the present. This will bring a new wind to the title and distinguish it from other GTA game storylines.

Gta 5
The three main characters in GTA 5

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