In the GTA 5 world, you will never go out of chances to get money. Those who are the most resourceful players will hardly stop their lookout for more and more opportunities to gather cash in their game.

Completing Story Missions and heading further in Grand Theft Auto 5 will make sure you obtain all the money for essentials and other spendings.

With a lot of properties and audacious vehicles to collect and put in the garage, you will need more than doing the missions that GTA 5 assign you. That’s why we will help you know how to make more money in GTA 5 Story Mode below.

You can loads of money with the 3 methods below.

Let’s earn some extra cash with these methods.

1. Complete Lester's Assassination Missions

As of now, Lester’s Assassination Missions may be the most recommended way to make money without having to be out there and do too much. Apart from completing missions and wisely investing your money in the in-game Stock Market.

First, Lester would call Franklin for help on some assignments. Typically, these missions include killing a high-positioned executive from a major corporation.

Assassinating these targets can directly influence the Stock Market in GTA 5. Hence, Lester would advise Franklin to invest first. To get the full benefits from the mission, you’d better not begin the first mission until you have managed the last heist of The Big Score in the game.

 how to make more money in GTA 5 Story Mode
Complete assassination missions and invest money in the stock market to become a million-, or even billionaire.

2. Attack Armored Trucks

For the unknown, players would get a tutorial box that suggests armored convoys’ ability to earn you some quick money if you hit them. All you need to do is to attach a Sticky Bomb in the back of an armored van. As the explosion pop the vehicle wide open, you will net a fair amount of cash right away.

You may also consider robbing some vans. However, as detonating a sticky bomb while driving is a total possibility, it is better to keep it safe and clean-swept with this tactic.

GTA is almost all about cars, so robbing and hitting some armored vehicles will earn you quick and easy money.

Like the rest of the adventure, doing these repeatedly will add it up over time and players can net a lot of cash during the long run of GTA 5 Story Mode.

2. Do Random Encounters

Completing Random Encounters is also a great way on how to make more money in GTA 5 Story Mode. Like what its name implies, these encounters randomly appear in the game and they do provide a fair bit of dollar bills.

In fact, one of the most benefitting Random Encounters for players who play as Franklin is roaming about his home.

A little kid whose bike has been stolen will grant the player an amount of in-game $100,000 when he gets his bike back. This encounter takes place around Franklin’s house and only when you are playing as Franklin.

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