If you are looking for GTA 5 fire station then you have come to the right place. Here, we will show you the location of every GTA 5 fire station. There are descriptions and photos for each GTA 5 fire station to make it easiest for you to find them.

All GTA 5 fire station locations

There is a total of 7 fire stations in GTA 5. Four of them are in the Los Santos area and the rest are in Blaine County..

Below is a GTA 5 map with the location of all fire stations on it to give you a general idea of where they are. These locations are the same in both GTA 5 and GTA Online.

Gta 5 All Fire Stations Map
The location of all GTA 5 fire stations

#1. Rockford Hills Fire Station

GTA 5 Rockford Hills fire station is the headquarters for the Los Santos Fire Department. It is located at the junction of Rockford Drive and South Boulevard Del Perro in Rockford Hills. It is a big fire station with 3 bays. Players cannot enter this fire station.

Firefighters and a fire truck will sometimes appear outside of the station.

Rockford Hills Fire Station Map 1
GTA 5 Rockford Hills fire station location

#2. Davis Fire Station

The Davis fire station is located on Macdonald Street, Davis in Los Santos. Players can enter this fire station and the inside is fully furnished with lockers for the firemen, refueling hoses, badges... etc

There is a total of 3 garage bays with 2 of them always open. You can see the Signage for the Davis Fire Department on the external wall to the left of the garages. There is an American flag in the front. On the rear of the station is a training tower with a ladder.

GTA 5 Davis fire station location
GTA 5 Davis fire station location

#3. El Burro Heights Fire Station

El Burro Heights fire station is Los Santos Fire Department Station 7 that serves the East Los Santos region. It is located in El Burro Heights, Los Santos, on Capital Boulevard, near the St. Fiacre.

It is a big building with a middle section that has 2 floors and 2 fire poles to provide quick access to the six-car garage. There is a practice tower to the west and a water storage tank to the east of the building.

Elburro Heights Firestation
GTA 5 El Burro Heights fire station location

#4. Los Santos International Airport Fire Station

The Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) fire station can be found inside the Los Santos International Airport, at the airport’s western gates. The appliance bay has 4 closed doors. The bigger building seems to have 2 floors and some closed roller doors. Players cannot enter this GTA 5 fire station.

No fire truck can be seen near the station. There is a burnt plane nearby the station to be used as a training ground.

Gta 5 Properties Fire Station Lsia Fire Sta
GTA 5 Los Santos International Airport Fire Station (LSIA) location

#5. Paleto Bay Fire Station

Paleto Bay fire station is also known as Blaine County fire station 1. It is located right next to the Sheriff’s Department on Paleto Boulevard.

This is the biggest fire station in San Andreas. You can find a spaceship part at the training tower of the station. This is one of the GTA 5 fire stations that players cannot get inside.

 Gta 5 Fire Station Paleto Bay Fi
GTA 5 Paleto Bay fire station location

#6. Fort Zancudo Fire Station

The Fort Zancudo fire station is located inside the Fort Zancudo US Air Force facility. It has 2 control towers with 2 satellites and 2 garages. This fire station is run by the military in case of something happens at Fort Zancudo.

That being said, it is rarely used and there will be no fire truck reacts even when there is a fire inside the fort.

Gta Station Fort Zancudo Firestation
GTA 5 Station Fort Zancudo fire station location

#7. Sandy Shores Fire Station

The Sandy Shores fire station is managed by the Los Santos County Fire Department, located in Sandy Shore town, on Alhambra Drive, next to the Sandy Shores Medical Center.

The fire station looks underused and no fire truck can be seen nearby. However, there are still some fire crews standing outside the station’s side door, which means it is still somewhat working.

Gta 5 Station Sandy Shores Firestation Compressed
GTA 5 Station Sandy Shores fire station location

How to get a fire truck in GTA 5

You can find a fire truck in GTA 5 near one of the fire stations above, except for the Sandy Shores fire station.

If you don't want to go to these fire stations, there is another even simpler way. Take your phone out can dial 911 to call the Fire Department. There will be a fire truck coming to you so you can just steal it.

Finally, you can start a fire anywhere and there will be a fire truck coming shortly for you to snatch it.

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