Grand Theft Auto V Christmas update lets its players scoop snowballs up and throw them at each other, both for fun and for lethal intention.

While Pokemon GO and Fortnite initiated their X-mas events quite early, GTA V was later to the party as it was until December when they decided to drop the Festive Surprise update. It turned the Los Santos City into a white cold wonderland with major landmarks going through a grand makeover and themed items up for grabs.

Whatever you may use the snowballs for, be it for harmless fun or engaging in villainy acts, you have to actually make them from the get-go.

Follow our guide to see how to pick up snowballs in GTA 5 and make them in each platform version.

Throw Snowballs In Gta 5
Picking up and throwing snowballs at NPCs and other players in GTA 5 is a thrilling activity.

What’s new in GTA V Festive Surprise

Before skipping to the part on how to pick up snow in GTA 5, let’s take a quick look at what this update offers.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the sweltering map earlier is also covered with thick layers of snow and it leads to a nice change of the whole scenery. And it’s not merely a superficial transformation. The colder weather will lead to an implication in your gameplay.

In particular, it lets players engage in light-hearted snowball fights with one another. Same as the visual change, this warm interaction is unconventional in the history of GTA Online. The game is famous for rewarding murder and all kinds of criminal activities.

Gta 5 Festive
In this annual update of GTA 5, players can experience Christmas-related content with interesting features.

Nonetheless, these snowball fights can totally turn ugly as players can technically destroy others with these projectiles with ample persistency.

According to the official game description, killing an NPC civilian requires 3 snowballs, and murdering a rival player needs up to 10.

How to pick up Snowballs in GTA 5

Snowballs are a limited item in GTA V because they just appear during the annual Festive Surprise updates. Moreover, they are accessible in GTA 5 Online mode only as the single-player story mode does not have snowfall.

Gta 5 Snowball Fight
Before learning to pick and throw snowballs, you need to make some first.

To make snowballs in the game, follow these quick steps:

  • Log into GTA Online
  • Make sure you are unarmed
  • Directly stand on top of a land patch covered with snow.
  • Once in position, you need to press a specific button to pick up a snowball.

The controls for picking up a snowball will vary on what kind of platform you are playing the game on. For more detailed instructions, have a glance as follows:

1. How to pick up snowballs in GTA 5 PC

The first steps as stated above stay the same on all platforms. It is the last step that differs.

For how to pick up snowballs in GTA 5 PC, press ‘G’ on your keyboard to pick up the snowballs.

How To Pick Up Snowballs In Gta 5
Be sure to not mistake the controls to pick up snowballs for each platform!

2. Picking up snowballs in GTA 5 PS4

The last step in how to pick up snowballs in GTA 5 PS4, you just have to press the left arrow on the D-pad to pick up the snowballs.

3. Picking up snowballs in GTA 5 Xbox One/ Xbox Series X

To pick up GTA 5 snowballs in Xbox One or Xbox Series X, players must use the left button (LB).

For the unknown, players can store up to 9 Snowballs. Moreover, you cannot pick snow up where it does not naturally fall.

How to throw Snowballs in GTA 5

Once you have had a stock of snowballs you want, you may throw them around just like throwing a C4 explosive (sticky bombs) or a hand grenade. Here’s how you can start throwing snowballs at your friends or opponents:

  • Open the Weapon Wheel.
  • Choose the “Snowball” icon.
  • Apply the standard controls for aiming and firing using the triggers or mouse buttons.

Voila! Now you can choose to either have some fun tossing snow in the game or use it as a means to kill some in-game people.

how to pick up snowballs in GTA 5 PS4
Snowballs can be used as projectiles to damage not just characters but also vehicles.

Snowballs are a one-time-only item in Grand Theft Auto Online, appearing solely during the yearly Festive Surprise upgrades. On another hand, you can also use this as a method to damage vehicles, but the damage will not be severe like other weapons.

All in all, the Snow version of GTA 5 strikes a huge impression on players. However, the duration of this update will not be long, so you should take your time and enjoy it before it ends.

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