The Christmas Update will bring snow to Los Santos and Blain County. The snow has started to fall in GTA 5. It will change not only the map appearance but also the effect. Check out the release of snow effects in GTA 5 in 2021 here.

When Does Snow Come To GTA 5 2021?

Snow comes to GTA 5 2021 today, on December 22 in the limited event Festive Surprise. This winter update adds snow to two cities of GTA 5, including Los Santos and Blain County. Following it, the snow also brings the winter and Christmas atmosphere to the game.

Heavy Snow
GTA 5 Weather Forecast says that snow falls heavily in Los Santos and Blain County today.

Besides, players can play snowballs with friends in GTA 5. When you throw snowballs at other players, it will cause devastating results. However, this event will finish after a week on December 29. So, you should enter the game and enjoy the Christmas festival now before the update is removed from the game.

Receive Gifts From The Game Publisher
Receive gifts from the game publisher

How Does Snow Change The Game?

You will receive plenty of free gifts from the game publisher when you log into the game during the snowy event. Besides, the snowball throwing effect is only active as a limited-time game mode within a week. You can also enjoy the Christmas Holiday with snowball fights with friends and other Online players.

Snowball Fights
Have fun with friends in snowball fights.

Players can also decorate their in-game houses, garages, paint the cars, and dress up like Santa Claus to have a happy holiday in GTA 5 with friends on the same server. It's safer than going out to crowded places and having parties during the epidemic time.

The Map Is Full Of Snow
The map is full of snow.

Blain County and Los Santos will be covered in white snow for a week. These two cities will have a new amazing look for a short time. Just log in and have fun in GTA 5 Online during this time-limited Christmas Update.

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