GTA 5 is highly moddable, with a gigantic modding community that rivals the biggest games out there. This is what keeps the game afloat for all these years. While some mods only add new cars, new items or new outfits, others can change the game completely. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 funniest GTA V mods to install in 2022.

1. No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod

The world of GTA V is surrounded by water on all sides. However, have you ever wondered what it would look like if there is no water on the map at all? The No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod aims to answer this question.

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No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis Mod

This mod manipulates the level of water in the GTA 5 world. From the normal water level, players can turn the world into a giant desert with "No Water", flood it with "Tsunami" or nearly submerge it with "Atlantis". With this mod installed, players will no longer be able to move around normally or drive cars.

2. Superman Mod

This mod turns the player characters into Superman, the famous hero of DC Comics. Players should be able to access pretty much all of Superman's special powers, from Flight to Super Strength and even Heat Vision. They can also switch between multiple Superman costumes as well.

Superman Mod

Besides adding the appearance and power of Superman, players also get access to various new themed missions. Just like an actual comic book hero, they can save the day by chasing down muggers for old ladies.

3. Vice Cry: Remastered Mod

Vice Cry: Remastered is a full port of Vice Cry to Grand Theft Auto V. It runs as a DLC, and adds many new details added for a true VC experience. The mod was so good it was DMCA-ed by Rockstar when they release the remaster of Vice City.

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Vice Cry: Remastered Mod

While there are other mods that aim to do the same thing, Vice Cry is probably the most impressive and sophisticated one. There are brand new models and textures created for this project as well.

4. Simple Zombies Mod

With this mod, GTA 5 transforms into a zombie-filled world. Los Santos has been overtaken by zombies, and players have to survive, build camps, and recruit survivors to help them on their mission. It will be necessary to distribute the weapons among your comrades, build barricades and of course, look for resources, eat and sleep to live another day.

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Simple Zombies Mod

The new mechanics added pretty much turn the game into a survival horror title, with players fending off the walking dead at every corner.


If you are looking for a more realistic experience of being a cop in GTA 5 then you are going to need the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) mod. The LSPDFR mod lets players become real police officers in GTA Online with various missions.

How To Be A Cop In Gta 5 Online

It brings a whole another level of experience for players who want to be cops in GTA Online RP. Players can join high-speed chases, find 5-star wanted criminals, and shoot down dangerous robbers. They also have the power to arrest or release anyone, whether they are guilty or not.

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