Cops are one of the best mechanics in GTA Online, allowing players to enjoy a more authentic life of crime. There are five wanted levels from 1 to 5 stars, with progressively more challenging obstacles. In this article, Gurugamer is going to show you the best ways to escape the police in GTA Online 2022.

1. How to remove Wanted level with Lester

This is the easiest and most popular way a player can remove Wanted level in GTA Online. Overall, this is a great option to save time, as players cannot use this in the offline campaign.

Bribery by calling Lester

Once GTA Online players reach level 21, Lester Crest will message to tell them about his new service that gets rid of the cops and wanted levels. The only thing players need to do is to give him a call and select "Remove Wanted Level".

The cost for this service is $200 for each star. Upon the completion of the Doomsday Heist Act 3, this service would become free. Overall, this is the best way to save time and remove wanted levels, as long as players can navigate their phones quickly.

2. How to escape pursuits from GTA police

If players don't want to use the first method or are not yet level 21, the following tips might apply. It is actually pretty simple to escape the cops in GTA Online, as players just need to outrun them within a specific radius.

Outrunning the law
Outrunning the law is impossible sometimes

Firstly, check the mini-map in the bottom left corner. It would flash blue and red whenever players are on the run, with the police vehicles being dark red dots. To escape pursuits, players need to get out of the search radius - once they do, the wanted level will start flashing, sending out police to look for them. Just avoid getting caught in their searchlight until the heat dies down.

  • Below are some of the more useful tricks to escape the police:
  • Just drive full speed at a straight line - the police can't catch up with you that way.
  • Hide in dark alleys, tunnels or hidden bushes.
  • Head toward the remote countryside hills - diving off the cliff is also a good option.
  • Avoid crowded traffic lanes and main roads. Try to keep your eyes on the minimap.

The higher the wanted level, the harder it is to escape. Roadblocks would be created and multiple helicopters alongside special agents would be sent after the player. They are not that fast, however, so the above tips can still apply.

3. Hide inside safehouses

This is another simple method - players only need to get inside their safehouse in time. In Safehouses, the player is immune to damage from other players and police. They cannot draw weapons, cannot sprint, and cannot ragdoll.

Buying a safehouse or two is definitely worth your investment.

However, they need to make sure that there are no police nearby. They would not be allowed to enter the building if that is the case.

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