GTA Online's Festive Surprise has brought the New Year weekly update today, adding a brand new motorcycle called Western Powersurge alongside many new rewards and bonuses. The event is going to run for one week, until January 5, 2023.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about GTA Online's new year update.

Powersurge Gtaoe Front
Western Powersurge

1. About Western Powersurge

The electric Western PowerSurge is now available from the Legendary Motorsport website for $1,605,000. It is the first drip feed vehicle for GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars - the bike was heavily inspired by the real-life 2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

It is customizable and can be stored in any garage as a personal vehicle. Performance-wise, this sports bike runs on an RWD drivetrain, with a top speed of 79.66 mph (128.20 km/h). This is rather low for a motorbike, which contradicts its high price - a cheap Bati can go faster at 1/10 the cost.

Being an electric vehicle, the engine sounds of the Western PowerSurge are also pretty weak and bad. At least it is easy to handle, with decent acceleration and control.

2. GTA Online Fooligan Jobs

A lot of free rewards have been added to Fooligan Jobs in GTA Online for the next two weeks - players can complete the missions a number of times to get these new items.

Lossantosdrugwars Gtaoe December13newswire Fooliga
Fooligan Jobs

Below are all the rewards to unlock by playing the Dax missions:

  • Ice Vinyl Cut and Ice Vinyl jackets – Completing first Fooligan Job
  • Black and White Bigness Ski masks – Completing 10 Fooligan Jobs
  • LS Smoking Jacket – Completing 25 Fooligan Jobs
  • Yellow SN Rooster Revere Collor party shirt – Purchasing the Acid Lab equipment upgrade

Additionally, players who complete three of these Fooligan Jobs as a Bodyguard or Associate this week will also get a bonus of $100,000 deposited in their in-game bank account within 72 hours of completion. Log into the game within 3 days (after Jan 10) to get the money and rewards.

3. GTA Online New Year gifts

Players can receive the following new year gifts upon logging in anytime during the event week:

  • The Gold, Silver, and Rainbow New Year Glasses
  • 10 Molotovs
  • 20 Firework Rockets
  • 25 Sticky Bombs
  • 25 Grenades
  • 5 Proximity Mines
  • Yellow Holly Beer Hat
  • Yellow Holly Beer Hat
  • Full Snacks and Armor
  • Firework Launcher


  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Ron Missions
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Drop Zone
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Hangar Sell Missions


30% off

  • Hangars and renovations
  • Progen GP1
  • Futo GTX
  • Volatol
  • Howard NX-25
  • The Pyro
  • Rogue
  • Blazer Aqua
  • Vapid Dominator GTX
  • Vapid Trophy Truck
  • Dubsta 6×6
  • Canis Kamacho

Prize Ride Challenge

This week in GTA Online, place top 3 for 3 days in a row in a Pursuit Series race to unlock the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire as the Prize Ride which normally costs $745,000.

Podium Vehicle

This week at the Casino, take your daily spin with the lucky wheel for your chance to win the Truffade Adder, which normally costs $1,000,000.

4. About Fooligan Jobs

Fooligan Jobs are five new missions which were added into GTA Online along with the Los Santos Drug Wars. In order to unlock them you’ll need to complete all of the First Dose missions which is a first part of a two part storyline added with this DLC. Upon completing it you can call Dax and choose the “Request Work” option.

Gtaonline 12909 Freemodeevents Minigun 932 1080
Fooligan Jobs

However, there is a 48 minute cooldown before you can do another, but they do give out a nice payout which makes them good to do in-between your other businesses.

Liquid Assets

The player is tasked with destroying a weed farm run by the Epsilon Program by stealing hazardous chemicals and poisoning the water supply of the farm. However, the player accidentally ingests these hazardous chemicals, requiring them to fight off hallucinations upon exiting the farm until they wear off.

Crop Dustin'

The player is tasked with destroying crops of legally grown Weed by filling a Duster with herbicide and spraying it over fields of marijuana plants. After completing this, The player must also destroy a Tanker filled with "weed vape juice" before completing the mission.

Heavy Metal

The player is tasked with retrieving a Bobcat XL full of copper wire for two of his friends, who use it to make bombs for the Fooliganz, as well as killing a gang leader who led the raid of the supplies.


The player is tasked with destroying several Merryweather Security convoys and a Merryweather depot that are holding deliveries for "Big Pharma".

Working Remotely

The player is tasked with rigging a GoPostal Pony with remote explosives, leaving it in a gang-controlled area, and detonating it. This mission rewards the player with The GoPostal outfit.

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