Browser games are among the lightest and simplest games on a PC. It requires little resources to run most browser games, making it ideal for any PC with limited capacities. Should your buddy drop by, both can try these fun two-player games.

Play With Friend 01
Some games are best when playing with a friend

1 – Gunball -

Play With Friend 02
Gunball is a simple yet fun experience to enjoy with your buddy

The game is pretty simple with easy game rules. In this pixel game, you play against your buddy to see who scores the first five points. Gunball resembles soccer in a way that you have your own goal to protect.

There is a red ball in the middle arena and both of you possess a gun to fire. Moving closer to the ball will kick it to the opposite side. Whoever kicks the ball to the opponent’s goal score a point.

As two people share the same keyboard, it turns out to be super fun to play with your pal.

2 – Firefall -

Play With Friend 03
Fireball is interesting with reactions between two players

Contrary to Gunball, Firefall turns out to be a survival battle between you and your buddy. The rule is pretty simple: fire will fall down from the sky while you need to avoid being burnt to a crisp. Whoever survives the rain of fire will win.

However, the real fun of the game is the interactions between two players. You can’t move past the other player in a 2D platform. It would be fun to see two players trying to zone the other to death. Truly devilish, isn’t it?

3 – Money Movers -

Play With Friend 04
Money Movers is a cooperative game where you team you with your mate to solve puzzles

Or maybe you two can team up to win? Money Movers is a puzzle game with 2 characters to play with. You and your friend control 2 brothers to find a way to exit the prison. Eventually, it requires the work of both individuals as the further you reach, the harder it is to solve the puzzle.

4 – Lichess -

Play With Friend 05
Lichess is an ideal website to play chess with your friend

Lichess is a perfect way to play the mind game without an actual board of Chess. The classic game of chess is fascinating with its tactical play and high level of challenge. The graphics are pretty neat while additional features like a chat room, game modes or even a request to take back a move are also available. Lichess is ideal for those duos who are into the classic title.

5 - Speed Sudoku -

Play With Friend 06
Speed Sudoku offers a fast and free way to play Sudoku

If you are a fan of the mind-boggling game of Sudoku, then Speed Sudoku is the right web-browser game for you. Now you can even race against your friend to see who completes the sheet first. The game is simple but challenging.