The Minecraft community has eagerly anticipated the 1.20 update for months, which is said to be one of the most peculiar and thrilling updates. It lacks an official theme, as its advertised features are already playable in the game and many of its features remain undisclosed. The update is a response to feedback from previous updates, specifically Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update, and it aims to provide players with unexpected features, leaks, and speculations that will enhance the game.

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Minecraft 1.20

The Minecraft 1.20 update, dubbed the "Trails & Tales" update, will prioritize self-expression and allow players to share their exciting game moments with others as stories. Thanks to preview programs for Java and Bedrock Editions, Minecraft players have already experienced some of the new features in the 1.20 update, including the sniffer, archeology, cherry grove biomes, and others.

The developers are experimenting with these programs to create a more engaging and thrilling gameplay experience for Minecraft players. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 most unexpected changes in Minecraft 1.20.

1. Smithing Template Cloning

The Minecraft 1.20 update's smithing templates are among the most intriguing and thrilling features that are revolutionizing the game, according to developers.

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Smithing Template Cloning

These templates have a wide range of applications, whether players want to discover Netherite and use it, or simply look good in their gear. The templates now affect every aspect of the game.

While the majority of players were pleased to see the release of smithing templates, some were surprised and worried that these expensive items would need to be looted again after being used.

This is not the case with the game's feature, though. By using diamonds as the common material to construct both the templates and the common materials required to manufacture them, players can duplicate their smithing templates.

This means that Minecraft players no longer have to continuously search for new, awesome templates after acquiring and using them. As long as they have one template and the necessary common materials, they can replicate it as many times as they wish.

2. Reworked Netherite Upgrades

The introduction of armor trimming was well-received by some members of the Minecraft community. However, the announcement of the upcoming release of smithing templates has caused controversy among players, as it was unexpected.

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Reworked Netherite Upgrades

The creation of a netherite upgrade template was necessary because upgrading diamond gear now requires it instead of just netherite ingots. According to Mojang, this change was implemented to make obtaining the materials for diamond and netherite gear more significant.

Some players believe that this change is more of a barrier to their development than a help. There is still time before the release of Minecraft's Trails & Tales update, so Mojang may modify the netherite upgrade template to make it more unique and interesting before version 1.20 is officially released.

3. Smithing Table Redesign

The design of the smithing table has been modified in Minecraft 1.20 to incorporate the new in-game smithing template features.

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Smithing Table Redesign

The smithing table is no longer only useful for upgrading equipment. In the Trails & Tales update, it can also be utilized to increase efficiency and upgrade diamond gear to netherite using newly-introduced armor trims items.

The smithing table's main block materials are now the smithing templates, which players must locate in generated structures to access the new functions of the blocks.

4. New Pyramid Rooms

The latest Minecraft betas offer players the opportunity to experience exciting archeology gameplay in desert wells, pyramids, and other feature updates.

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New Pyramid Rooms

Some fans may be unaware that pyramids have been specifically modified to accommodate the release of archeology in the Trails & Tales update, with suspicious blocks now being a prominent feature in the game.

Players interested in archeology must locate and collect rare artifacts. To enhance the experience, Mojang has added a hidden room in desert pyramids that contains mostly sand and suspicious sand, providing more exciting opportunities for players.

Suspicious sand can also be discovered in other areas surrounding pyramids, and the addition of the hidden room should greatly assist players who wish to experiment with archeology and acquire rare items from this new feature in the game.

5. Piglin Heads

The addition of piglin heads as a new item in Minecraft 1.20 has been overlooked by some players. This item cannot be crafted using a crafting table or furnace, and must be obtained by searching for it in the game.

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Piglin Heads

Although it is possible to collect piglin heads from piglins that have died, this feature has not been widely publicized. The heads can be more than just a decorative block, however. For example, they can be placed on note blocks to recreate piglin sounds when powered by redstone. They also have other potential uses when connected to redstone or equipped by players, such as animating as if they were still alive.

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