Last year, in April we encountered an indie game developer - Christopher Obritsch. He is also partly famous for having his 7-year-old daughter Maddie as his boss. Together, father and daughter created Battle Princess Madelyn, a classic side-scroller video game. It is expected to come out this fall.

The game has also got a brand new trailer. The trailers show us the neat-looking in-game animations, platforming which took inspiration from Ghouls 'N Ghosts and battles against giant bosses in the game.

Battle Princess Madelyn Trailer

Obritsch expressed that: From its first concept, "right through the successful Kickstarter campaign that reached over $212,665 of CAD, until its imminent release", his daughter has always been an inspiration for the game with her feedback.

He later added: "[She] inspired the original idea, games, and ideals from the very best of classic retro games fused with modern presentation complete with gameplay and fun".

He believes that they have achieved all their goals along with a lot more added ingredients as well as features and elements which will get gamers to participate in a game developed with dedication, real planning and lots of love.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Battle Princess Madelyn window
A giant boss fight in the game

According to what Obritsch has shared, we can see that the game Battle Princess Madelyn will give us a fast-paced, retro, classic side-scrolling video game in the Arcade mode. Along with that is a Story mode which is the most suitable one for players who want to focus on the adventures and storyline.

Throughout ten levels of the game - each of which consists of five small stages, branch-players will have the chance to collect “masses” of armors and weapons which are upgradable in some of the stages. However, to get the special weapons, players are required to break through certain obstacles.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Battle Princess Madelyn window
A scene in the game

Obritsch claims that the prospective players of this game can expect to have more information about the exact release date of Battle Princess Madelyn "VERY shortly".