Despite Minecraft's simplistic graphics, running the game can be resource-intensive and cause problems for players who are multitasking. However, there are various solutions available in the Minecraft community to tackle this issue. By installing mods or texture packs, players can increase Minecraft's frames per second (FPS) and enhance its performance.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 8 best Minecraft mods to improve performance in 2023.

1. Clumps

Although it may not be apparent, the experience orbs in Minecraft, which are generated from certain actions, can significantly affect performance. When numerous smaller orbs are dispersed across an area, it can result in lag or framerate problems. To address this issue, the Clumps mod combines small experience orbs into more extensive ones, resulting in improved framerates and reduced latency for players collecting experience, especially from farms.

This mod reduce lags when using a mob grinder.

2. Spark

Spark is a mod that can benefit both single-player gameplay and server operation. It functions as a profiler, monitoring critical aspects of the game and server clients, including CPU and memory usage and the internet connection between the server and its connected clients. Although Spark does not directly enhance Minecraft's performance, it identifies problematic areas that enable players and administrators to identify and resolve issues that may cause the game to run less smoothly.

Spark focuses more on the technical side of Minecraft

3. FerriteCore

FerriteCore is a mod designed for Minecraft 1.16 and newer versions, which operates in the background without any visible impact on gameplay. Despite this, it can significantly improve performance by reducing memory usage. FerriteCore utilizes techniques such as blockstate property storage and model predicate caching to achieve this, resulting in a reduction of several gigabytes of RAM usage. While a player's hardware remains the ultimate determining factor in gameplay, FerriteCore can help free up memory and contribute to smoother gameplay.

FerriteCore is essential if your PC has low RAM

4. Sodium

Sodium is a free and open-source Minecraft mod that drastically improves the game's visual rendering process. While the mod doesn't alter the appearance of the graphics, it can significantly enhance performance for most players who install it. Sodium achieves this by utilizing modern OpenGL rendering and implementing various minor memory and visual optimizations. This can result in a doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling of a player's performance. Additionally, Sodium addresses graphical glitches and bugs that have yet to be resolved by Mojang. In summary, not installing this mod would be a disservice to players.

5. Entity Culling

Some Minecraft players may have encountered the term "entity culling" when trying to place many entities such as mobs in a limited area. The Entity Culling mod employs the same concept to enhance performance on most players' devices. To avoid drawing blocks and things that are not in the player's line of sight, the mod employs async path tracing. In other words, if a player is not directly looking at something, it will not be rendered in-game, preserving CPU and GPU resources and allowing them to focus on what the player is immediately looking at.

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Players can mass remove entities at will to free up performance

6. Lithium

Lithium is another mod made by the same developer who created Sodium. It's designed to improve network performance for Minecraft players, regardless of whether they're hosting or just playing on a server. The developers claim that Lithium can provide up to a 45% improvement in server reaction time, resulting in faster tick response times and less lag. This is particularly beneficial for preventing delays in actions caused by network issues. The best part is that players don't need to install Lithium themselves; it can be installed on the server and everyone playing on it will automatically benefit from the improved performance.

Improve network performance in multiplayer

7. ReAuth

Occasionally, Minecraft players may experience authorization failures, which can happen due to various reasons such as poor internet connection or authentication issues on the developers' end. When this happens, players have to close their game client, reopen it, and sometimes even re-enter their credentials to validate their account. ReAuth is a convenient mod that allows players to authenticate their account without exiting Minecraft, by saving their login details, logging in and out as needed, and checking with the authentication server directly from the game client.

Reauth Mod Screenshots 3
Renew your login without restart

8. F8thful

F8thful is a vanilla friendly resource pack where every texture has been recreated in 8x8! By using a resolution that is half the standard in the vanilla version of Minecraft, the pack creates a whole new visual experience without altering gameplay. F8thful can easily turn the usual Minecraft graphics into an old 8bit game.

F8thful texture pack cut the normal resolution of Minecraft block in half.

Because F8thful texture pack uses a lower resolution, players can get a considerable boost in FPS.

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