While most players enjoy Minecraft for leisure, speedrunning in the game is often overlooked by many. However, experienced Minecraft players often engage in speed runs to challenge their skills and push the game's limits. Compared to the regular gameplay, speedrunning requires more intense problem-solving and strategy. For newcomers interested in trying speedrunning, these tips and tricks can make it easier and faster to get started.

1. Create a boat

Boats are a useful tool in various situations in Minecraft and are easy to craft with just six wood planks. In survival mode, it is recommended to carry a boat or enough wood to make one in case of emergency. Using a boat also offers protection from fall damage, which is especially important for speedrunners who need to move quickly.

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Create a boat

Boats are a faster and safer mode of transportation compared to swimming. While underwater mobs can still pose a threat, boats provide an extra layer of protection. Boats can also be used on ice for even faster travel.

Obtaining ender pearls is almost always going to be the most time-consuming part of any speedrun. In addition to transportation, boats have other uses such as trapping endermen, villagers, and animals. They can even be used to cross lava pools in the Nether dimension, which is a common obstacle for players.

2. Use the F3 screen to decide where to go

To avoid getting lost in Minecraft, one can write down the X and Z coordinates of important locations such as the main base. By comparing the current coordinates to the recorded ones, players can navigate in the right direction until they match. This technique is especially useful for exploring the Nether.

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Use the F3 screen to decide where to go

To find the Bastions in the nether, players can press the F3 key to reveal the entity count number (E number) at the top left corner of the screen. It may be visible through walls.

3. Building the Nether portal

A Nether Portal is a structure made of obsidian that allows players to travel quickly between the Nether and the Overworld. It produces distinct sounds and purple particles.

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Building the Nether portal

The portal should be at least four blocks wide and five blocks high, and can be activated with flint and steel. To enter the End dimension and face the Ender Dragon, players need multiple Eyes of Ender, a rare item that requires blaze powder from the Nether to craft.

Players can quickly create a portal by using a bucket of lava and water to form a ring of obsidian. This avoids the need to mine obsidian, which can be difficult. Deep ravines and ruined portals are good locations to build a Nether Portal as they often already have obsidian and lava present.

4. Bartering

In Minecraft, trading with piglins is a highly effective way to obtain valuable items, and players are advised to trade their surplus of gold ingots with them. This method is often overlooked by many players, but the chance of receiving rare items such as Enchanted Books or Ender Pearls should encourage them to do so. Additionally, bartering with piglins can be helpful in speedrunning the game by acquiring necessary items, such as Eyes of Ender, quickly.

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To defeat the Ender Dragon, players need to activate the End Portal, which requires Eyes of Ender. Bastions are the best place to do this since piglins spawn there naturally, and gold blocks also generate there. By trading with piglins in bastions, players can easily obtain Ender Pearls and craft the necessary Eyes of Ender. Gold blocks are the easiest source of gold ingots for speedrunners, and they should know how to navigate the bastion's structure to collect them quickly.

5. Acquire beds

Once you have collected a sufficient amount of ender pearls to craft eyes of ender and fill the end portal frame, it's time to prepare for the final battle against the ender dragon. To do this, you'll need to bring along some essential items such as high-quality food, a bucket of water, projectiles to target the end crystals, blocks to climb up, and a powerful weapon or multiple beds. However, it's important to note that removing the end crystals can be more hazardous than defeating the dragon itself.

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Acquire beds

For players aiming to defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, spending time crafting weapons is not ideal. A useful alternative is to use beds, which can be detonated to deal damage to the dragon in the End dimension.

If players have a nearby village, they can easily acquire beds from the village houses. Beds can be particularly effective for inflicting significant damage on the dragon. By placing them near the dragon and detonating them immediately, players can remove up to a fifth of its heart health. However, it's important to note that this strategy can also damage and potentially kill the player.

This game mechanic makes beds a popular choice for Minecraft speedrunners, who aim to defeat the Ender Dragon quickly in order to achieve their desired record time.

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