Experience or XP is a gameplay mechanic in Minecraft that is tied with item enchantments. In order to get the best gears in the game, players need to fuel their anvils and enchantment table with experience.

While most actions in Minecraft yield experience, the best way to gain it is to create an XP farm. In this article, Gurugamer is going to list the 8 best XP farms to make in Minecraft 1.19. There are 2 types of XP farms - one with mobs and one without mobs.

1. Mineshaft Spawner XP farm

Players can find a Cave Spider Spawner inside a Mineshaft. This is considered an easy farm to build, as finding a Cave Spider Spawner is somewhat easy. A Mineshaft is also already closed off so you don't need to build too much around it.

Spawner Farm

Just put the spawner inside a room and place flowing water to push the spiders into a nook where you can easily kill them.

2. Dungeon Spawner XP farm

Similar to the Mineshaft, there are also 3 types of Spawners that can randomly spawn in a dungeon. The most common variant is the Zombie spawner.

The principle behind this XP farm is pretty much the same. Just create a room with the spawner in the middle of it, then place flowing water so that the spawned mobs get funneled into one spot for easy killing. Placing a hopper and chest at the killing spot to collect dropped loot.

3. Classic Mob XP Farm

While the mob spawner is the best way to create a farm due to its spawning speed, you can actually create a mob XP farm anywhere.

Mob Xp Farm In Minecraft

All that's needed is a dark enough room for your usual hostile Mobs to spawn in. You can choose either to drown them, kill them with lava or fall damage, or just use the water funnel similar to the previous farms. The resources mostly depend on the size you make. It can be anything from a single room to a multi-level tower.

The mob spawns are based on the dimension you built the farm in.

4. Raid XP Farm

A village raid is an in game mechanic that spawns waves of mobs to attack your village. This is a great way to earn plenty of XP, loot, and favors from villagers.

Maxresdefault 2
This farm can yield some of the rarer goods such as the Totems of Undying.

To create a raid XP farm, players need to find the Pillager Outpost first. Illagers continue to spawn in their set location even if you destroy their tower or modify it. Build a farm similar to the previous spawner rooms.

The only other thing you will need are living Villagers with a Bed so that your farm is registered as a Village by the game. By continuously killing the illager captains, players will get multiple stacks of Bad Omen debuff for triggering raids.

5. Guardian XP Farm

The Guardian XP farm requires the most effort and resources compared to all the other farms, as it is underwater. However, the Guardian farm is the fastest XP farm, as these mobs drop the second most Experience per kill, only topped by bosses.

To create one, just find an ocean monument and use bubble columns to funnel the guardians toward the surface.

6. Kelp XP farm

Kelp XP farms are relatively easy and cheap to make. They don't require a lot of blocks like mob farms, and players don't need to get lucky and find a spawner in the wild. They're very accessible, even to the beginner player, which makes them a worthwhile building project.

When kelp passes through the two smokers at the bottom of the farm, a bit of XP is stored inside. Players can continuously fuel the smokers using the dried kelp, making this farm run indefinitely.

7. Enderman Farm

Enderman is one of the more common mobs in the game - they spawn in all three dimensions. While players often create enderman farms in Warped forests, the End is definitely just as good, as every End island is filled with them.

These mobs drop a good amount of XP points and the useful Ender Pearl, which makes them worth farming. To create this farm, players can use several things like water, endermites, etc. The most important thing is that the trapping/killing room needs to be covered properly and has a two-block tall area to prevent the endermen from teleporting.

8. Sculk XP Farm

Overall, creating a sculk farm is rather straightforward. You only need to build a normal farm, then add a number of sculk catalysts onto the killing zone. In this guide, we will spawn a variety of hostile mobs in a close rooftop chamber just like a regular farm.

Afterward, use flowing water to direct the mobs toward a pit, making them fall to their death. As soon as the hostile mobs die, the sculk catalyst will activate and generate sculk features containing XP. The only thing left for you is to break these blocks with a tool to collect the XP.

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