While Minecraft is a fairly peaceful game, there's no shortage of dangerous mobs once you wandered outside of the beaten path. Amongst them, these five are probably the most annoying to deal with.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 6 annoying mobs in Minecraft 1.19 that might ruin your game.

1. Evoker

An evoker is a spell-casting illager found in woodland mansions and raids, and is the only source of the totem of undying. Evokers are probably amongst the most dangerous non-boss enemy in Minecraft as they can deal a lot of damage with their attacks.

The evoker has two different attack methods: fang attack and summoning a small mob called vexes.

  • The evoker signals this attack by producing dark purple particles and a low-pitched horn-like sound. A number of fangs rise out of the ground around the player, then snap shut and vanish.
  • The evoker signals this attack by producing white particles and a higher-pitched horn-like sound. Three vexes appear nearby. It can keep summoning more vexes as long as there are less than 8 in the vicinity.
An Evoker can change the wool color of any blue sheep within 16 blocks from blue to red when /gamerule mobGriefing is set to true,

The vexes chase after the player and deal damage - this is the main reason that Evokers are hard to deal with. Players need to kill the vexes before they can deal too much damage.

2. Creepers

The creeper is probably amongst the most iconic enemies in Minecraft due to its distinctive appearance and a high potential for killing unwary players as well as damaging players' constructions. Any long-time Minecrafter should be familiar with the hissing sound the creeper makes right before blowing up and destroying hours of hard work within an instant.

Creepers are a major source of gunpowder as well as the only way to obtain most music discs.

The worst part about this is that creepers move around silently. A creeper hit by lighting becomes a charged creeper that deals double damage on explosions. Creepers' detonations can be halted if the player knocks it back, get out of its line of sight, or kill it before it can blow up.

3. Warden

The Warden is the signature monstrosity that spawns inside Deep Dark Caves, summoned by Sculk Shriekers. However, players can spawn it outside of the Deep Dark by activating a sculk shrieker block three times. To get a sculk shrieker block, players need to locate them in the Deep Dark and harvest them using a silk touch tool.

Wardens drop a single sculk catalyst upon death.

Wardens are the main obstacle that players need to deal with when exploring the Ancient Cities. The warden's melee attack has a cooldown of 0.9 seconds and disables shields for 5 seconds, dealing 16 to 45 damage depending on the difficulty. If a warden cannot reach its target, it switches to its ranged attack, which is a powerful sonic boom.

4. Ghast

Ghast is one of the deadliest flying mobs in Minecraft. They are big flying creatures that shoot fireballs at players. The fireball deals 6 damage and explodes on impact, destroying surrounding blocks. When within range, a ghast faces the player and shoots a fireball every 3 seconds.

Minecraft Ghast 2
Ghasts' fireball attacks can be deflected back to them to deal extra damage.

Fireballs do not track their target once fired and can be deflected if hit with a projectile or melee attack.

Unlike most other hostile mobs, ghasts do not attempt to approach the player once aggravated, but instead fire at the player from their position within firing range.

5. Ravagers

Ravagers are large bovine mobs that appear in raids to attack players and villagers. They attack by ramming enemies with their heads, dealing damage and knockback. The damage alone makes it dangerous, especially when you have to face ravagers in a group of 3.

They attack by ramming enemies with their head, dealing a knockback of 5 blocks.

It is best to dodge all the charges before trying to retaliate, as the second ravager might hit you when you are dealing with the first one. Ravagers drop the most amount of experience orbs out of all non-boss entities, being tied with the piglin brute.

Ravagers are really annoying especially when they get into your base. These bulls can destroy certain block types by charging into them.

6. Piglin Brute

A piglin brute is a hostile and stronger variant of piglins that appears in all types of bastion remnants. They always attack the player. They do not barter, they do not retreat, and they cannot be distracted by gold. Furthermore, they like to attack in groups so you can get outnumbered easily and get killed in seconds.

Piglin Brute Minecraft
Piglin brutes attack players, wither skeletons, and withers within 16 blocks.

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