The Allay is a passive flying mob that resembles the vex. It can assist players by transporting items. The Allay is scheduled to come out during Minecraft 1.19 update and is available in most experimental builds. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase everything you need to know about the Allay mob, including how to find and use them.

This guide is based on Minecraft Snapshot 22W16B. Some features might change in the official release.


1. What is an Allay in Minecraft

Allay was announced at Minecraft Live 2021 and won the fan vote to become the official new mob in the Wild update. It is a passive fairly-like mob that can collect particular items and gives them to the player throughout the loaded chunks.

The mob is somewhat similar to Minecraft bees in size, but can fly much higher. Allays are not related to any Minecraft biome and do not interact with any mobs in the game, even hostile ones. Only players can interact with it.

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The winner of the mob vote, beating Copper Golem and Glare.

Health & Regeneration

Allay has 20 health on both the Java and Bedrock editions. You can kill it with two hits of a diamond sword or four hits of an iron sword. It is immune to fall damage but can still die by fire and suffocation. Naturally, Allay regenerates 2 health points every second.

Overall, unless you deliberately attack them with a sword, the Allays are very hard to kill. Even with the best sword enchantments, they can survive an accidental hit.

2. Where to find Allay in Minecraft

Players can spawn an Allay by using the spawn eggs inside creative mode. Otherwise, they spawn in the following locations:

Pillage Outposts

Similar to Iron Golems, Allays spawn trapped inside wooden cages around Pillager Outposts. Each cage can contain up to three Allays - just break the structure to let them escape. Afterward, they wander around to find dropped items.

Players might want to deal with the pillagers first before getting the Allays, as they are fairly dangerous in number.

Allay In Game 1200x675
Imprisoned Allays in a cage.

Woodland Mansions

Players can find cage rooms on the ground floor of Woodland Mansions, which contain 4 cobblestone cages, each with 3 Allays trapped in them. Players can use the lever nearby to open the doors and free all of them. This means finding a mansion is the fastest way to get a big number of Allay all at once.

Just be careful when exploring mansions, as they are home to dangerous hostile mobs, including zombies, creepers, vindicators, pillagers... etc.

3. What Does Allay Do in Minecraft

The only function of Allays is to collect items. It chooses a particular item and looks for its copies throughout the loaded chunks. It also picks randomly thrown items and tries to return them to its owner.

To trigger the behavior, just throw an item at the Allay. Afterward, it picks the item up, give it back to players and begins looking for copies of that item. Overall, players can use a number of allay to serve as item collectors on farms.

Vexes giving players items.

4. Allay and Note Blocks

A note block is a musical block that emits sounds when used or powered with redstone. Allays are attracted to these blocks and. If music is playing, they would drop all collected items onto the note block instead of looking for a player.

Allay And Noteblocks In Minecraft
Allay dropping items at a note block when it is active.

However, this effect only lasts for 30 seconds and the note block needs to become active to lure the Allay back. You might want to create a Redstone machine to keep the music playing for an extended period.

Moreover, players can use the wool block to mute the audio coming out of the note block. This game mechanic may come in handy if you are handling a group of Allays.

5. What are the best uses of Allay in Minecraft 1.19?

This mob can help a lot in Minecraft automation. Below are the likely uses for the Allay in Minecraft 1.19:

  • An Allay can make the collection system in farms fully automatic and much faster without using complex Redstone mechanics.
  • A group of Allay can help you collect items quickly after an explosion and killing mobs.
  • Since an Allay can hold up to 64 copies of a stackable item at a time, you can also use it as a portable storage option.
  • You can also create automatic sorting systems to collect similar items in the same area or chest.
  • You can use an Allay to find lost or accidentally dropped items within loaded chunks. But you must have a duplicate copy of that item.

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