Vexes are unique flying mobs in Minecraft. They only spawn by an evoker's summoning spell when they are threatened. The spell will summon 3 vexes at the location of the evoker. They never spawn naturally in Minecraft. These hostile creatures can fly through blocks easily and attack players in melee range with an iron sword.

They are certainly quite annoying enemies, but it is definitely not too hard to deal with you know the way.

vexes minecraft
The Evoker in Minecraft can summon 3 vexes when they feel threatened.

How To Defeat Vexes In Minecraft

In the Normal difficulty of Minecraft, vexes has 9 health (4 and a half heart), which is not a lot of health. That means you can take them down easily using your melee weapons. There are many strong melee weapons in Minecraft that you can get your hand on easily.

Vexes use an iron sword to attack in melee range.

You can also use ranged weapons but it will be much harder since they have great mobility. But if you are confident in your aiming skill, you can totally take them down using arrows to firework rockets.

Vexes Minecraft
Vexes can go through blocks in Minecraft, making them quite annoying.

Vexes can only live for a limited duration regardless. They start taking damage 30 seconds after they are summoned and can only live at most 119 seconds after they are summoned. This rule does not apply to vexes summoned by the player through command or egg in Creative mode.

Since vexes are melee attackers, players can trap them using Minecarts or boats and then safely kill them from a distance.

Shields are also very useful against vexes. When you block an attack from a vex, you will have an opening to counterattack them.

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