Pufferfish, in real life, is commonly found in restaurants as a kind of luxury seafood dish. Having an exquisite flavor, this fish can give you an unmatched culinary experience, except for when they are not properly prepared.

In Minecraft, pufferfish is also poisonous like its real-life counterpart. Although they are amongst the most hilarious-looking mobs in the game, they actually have some of the best uses that cannot be underrated.

See the top 5 Pufferfish Minecraft uses to check how you can make the best use of them below.

Feeding wolves

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can utilize the leftover Pufferfish to feed the small wolves. Giving a wolf a Pufferfish can help heal the animal. On another hand, this will not cut down the growth rates of baby wolves in Minecraft.

Wolf Minecraft
You can feed baby wolves some Pufferfish.

Bucket of Pufferfish

A lot of players do not know that they can scoop the Pufferfish in a bucket. This mob will spawn in groups of 1 to 4 in deep lukewarm, lukewarm, or warm ocean biomes.

In detail, you may just swim up to one Pufferfish and drop it into a bucket. Once you have successfully caught the fish, you will see a “Bucket of Pufferfish” prompt appearing on the screen.

Minecraft Pufferfish

Then, the Pufferfish will be included in the block of water source.

Making Potion of Waterbreathing

One of the most common Pufferfish Minecraft uses is crafting the Potion of Waterbreathing.

In a brewing stand, combining a Pufferfish with an Awkward Potion will generate a Potion of Waterbreathing. This Potion comes in handy when you are looking to fight an Ocean Monument or construct an underwater base in the game.

Potion Of Waterbreathing Pufferfish Minecraft uses
Making Waterbreathing Potion is the most important use of Minecraft Pufferfish.

Tricks with Cats

Although Pufferfish can be considered not to have so many uses, they do be useful in certain stages of Minecraft.

Players might be pleased to learn that giving a Pufferfish to their cat will make them hop off their beds, chests, and more.

Moreover, Pufferfish can lower the time it usually takes for little kittens to become adults.

Cats On Chest Minecraft
If you can't set the cat off your chest or bed, luring them with some Pufferfish will do.


In Bedrock Edition, fishermen would agree to exchange one to four Pufferfish for one emerald. On another hand, the fishermen normally buy 4 Pufferfish for one emerald in Java Edition.

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