Minecraft is currently having more than 70 different creatures and more are being added in the upcoming updates. If you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, you probably are more familiar with many of them.

But there are popular mobs in Minecraft that even people who don't play the game know about. These are often mobs with unique traits who have been in Minecraft for a long time. Here are the top 5 most iconic mobs in Minecraft.

5) Wolf

Wolf is a very common mob in Minecraft so pretty every player knows about it. More important you can make a wolf your pet in Minecraft, which is why it is so iconic. Players can also tame cats, parrots, and foxes to be their pets.

Wolf In Minecraft
Who doesn't want to make this cute wolf their pet?

4) Villager

Villagers are unique mobs that stay in villages to work, breed, and interact with each other. Their outfits are varied based on their occupation and biome. Players can trade emeralds with them to get different items.

3) Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is considered the final boss of Minecraft and it will certainly take players a long time to be able to kill it. Even though the Ender Dragon is no longer the hardest boss to fight anymore, it still serves as the end game goal for all players. It will keep live on to be the most iconic boss in Minecraft.

Ender Dragon Minecraft
The Ender Dragon is the must-defeated boss for every Minecraft player.

2) Enderman

The Enderman is the underling of the Ender Dragon and they are just as iconic as their boss. You can find Enderman everywhere in Minecraft and they are super aggressive. They have a teleport ability that can easily catch you off guard, which is why this mob is so memorable. Also, they have a really weird weakness, which is water.


Enderman is the underling of the Ender Dragon.

1) Creeper

Creeper is no doubt the most iconic mob in Minecraft. They are super annoying to deal with and more importantly, they weren't meant to be a part of the game. The dev messed up the code a little bit and created Creeper instead of pigs. They then decided to keep it in the game.

It is a silent killer who can get close to players and explode itself, damaging both the player and the environment around them. While annoying, they are a really great source of obtaining gunpowder.

The creepers and their explosions make them the most iconic mobs in Minecraft.

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