Gunpowder is often a resource that got looked past upon by many players. Many beginner players just cannot find a way to utilize this item other than making TNT prank other players. However, a good player will know the true value of it.

This is also the reason why it is not that simple to get many Gunpowders. You can only obtain it from chests in dungeons or by killing creeper, which might cost you a lot of HP or your life. In this guide, we will show you how to build a gunpowder farm in Minecraft.

1. What is a gunpowder farm in Minecraft

There is a farm for almost every resource in Minecraft. They are systems created by the community to collect resources in Minecraft faster than usual. As for gunpowder, you need to get it by killing creeper. If you do it manually, it could be very dangerous and quite a long time.  By using a gunpowder farm in Minecraft, you will be able to get gunpowder consistently without risking your life.

Head down below to find out what is the best farm for gunpowder.

2. How to build a gunpowder farm in Minecraft

Required materials to build a gunpowder farm

  • Two hoppers
  • Two chest
  • Lots of trapdoors
  • Lots of building blocks
  • Two cats
  • Lava bucket
  • four signs
  • 12 carpets

Step-by-step build to build a gunpowder farm

  • Dig a 3x2 hole and put a 2x2x2 wall on each side of the hole.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft
Starting with a 2x3 hole
  • Next, we are going to start building the layout of the farm. Place 3 blocks diagonally on both sides of the 2x2x2 walls. Extend the last block to make a wall of 5 blocks.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 1
Build the layout on 1 side
  • Finally, use more blocks to build a back wall to make it a closed space. Do the same for the other side of the hole.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 2
Finsish the walls on both sides
  • Add blocks to make the walls 2-blocks high.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 3
Make the walls higher
  • Next, we are going to make the roof entirely from trapdoors. We need to use trap doors to make sure that only creepers will spawn and not zombies or skeletons. All the trap doors should stick to the upper half of the upper blocks of the wall.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 4
Make the roof out of trap doors
  • However, for the 2 upper middles blocks in the 2 back walls, you need to stick the trap doors on the lower half.
  • Place a cat on each of those 2 lower trap doors. Since creepers are afraid of cats, they will try to run away from cats after spawning.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 5
Make 1 lower trap door and put a cat on it
  • Seal up the roof with building blocks so no light can travel through so creepers can spawn.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 6
Fill the roof to block lights
  • Place a carpet under the cat and keep adding carpets that are 2 blocks apart. Make sure you do the same for both sides.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 7
Placing carpets 2-blocks apart
  • Go back to the initial hole and place trap doors to fill the top of the hole and open all of them. This is for the creepers to walk down the hole as they consider trapdoors as solid blocks.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 8
Put open trapdoors on top of the hole
  • Dig the hole 4 blocks deeper and make a long water tunnel.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 9
Make a long water tunnel
  • At the end of the tunnel, place hoppers that connect to chests to collect the loot. Place lava at the head level of the creepers to kill them. You can use signs in order to keep the lava in place.
Gunpower Farm Minecraft 10
Palce lava to kill the creepers

The farm will work automatically and all you have to do is wait and collect gunpowder from the chests. Creepers will spawn in the dark and got scared by the cats. They will run into the hole and got carried by the water to the lava. When they die under the lava, their loots drop into the hoppers into the chest.

3. What you can do with gunpowder in Minecraft

Brewing Splash Potions

To craft a splash potion, you need a potion of any kind and 1 gunpowder then brew them in the brewing stand.

Crafting Firework Rockets

Firework Rockets are beautiful when used, plus they can help you fly when combined with the Elytra. You can craft three firework rockets using three gunpowder and a piece of paper.

Crafting Firework Stars

Firework stars can make your Firework Rockets look more beautiful and unique. To craft 1 Firework star, you need 1 gunpowder and 1 dye of your choice.

Crafting TNT

Everyone always think of TNT first when talking about gunpowder in Minecraft. You can craft a TNT block using 5 gunpowder and 4 sand or red sand.

Crafting Fire Charges

Fire Charges can set enemies on fire from a distance. You can craft Fire Charges using one gunpowder, one blaze powder, and one coal or charcoal.

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