In the survival mode of Minecraft, many people consider defeating the Ender Dragon as the end goal. In fact, the survival mode has no end and the game still continues normally even after defeating the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Dragon is the strongest mob in Minecraft and players need to apply various tricks to kill the beast. But what happens after you defeat the most powerful boss in Minecraft. Let's find out.

The Ender Dragon explodes and drops XP

When the HP of Ender Dragon drops to 0, its body will start exploding emitting lights, and finally burst into pieces. It will also drop a bunch of HP on the ground for you to collect

Minecraft Ender Dragon Die
Minecraft Ender Dragon Explodes

End Portal appears for you to go back to the Overworld

An End portal will appear in the middle of the island, allowing you to go back to Overworld. This portal is 7-blocks wide in both dimensions. It is made by Bedrock so you cannot destroy it using common means in the Survival mode. When you enter the portal, there will be a credit scene and then you will be back to the Overworld.

Minecraft Dragon Egg 01
End portal with Ender Dragon Egg

Ender Dragon Egg

In the middle of the End portal is a pillar with torches on the side and an Ender Dragon Egg on the top. You can even hatch this egg to revive the Ender Dragon. There are also several tricks in order to bring this egg back to the Overworld to decorate your house.

End credits and poem

The end credits and poem appear right after you enter the end portal. It talks about how the player has grown with new skills and experience, plus some philosophical discussions. There has been a lot of theories from the community about the meaning of the end credits but so far, none of them are proved to be true.

End Credit Minecraft
Minecraft end credits and poem

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