Getting ores is one of the most basic things that players do in Minecraft. They can be smelted into ingots for crafting. However, finding ores is not that simple - each type of ore only spawns at a certain height level (Y-level) and you might never find a certain ore by digging randomly.

There are several types of ores in the game: Iron, Copper, Gold, Redstone, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Nether Gold, Nether Quartz, and Ancient Debris. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the best height levels to find all ores in Minecraft 1.19.

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Best Y levels to find ores in Minecraft

1. Mine at Y level -58 for Diamond ores

Diamond ore is a rare ore that generates deep underground, and is the only reliable source of diamonds. They are one of the most wanted ores in the game, as Diamond is the main ingredient to craft the best gears.

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They are most commonly found at Y level -58 right above the bedrock layer. Diamond ore generating under Y=0 or in a deepslate blob will also be replaced by its deepslate variant.

2. Mine at Y level 96 for Coal ores

Coal is one of the more common ores, as it has a very wide generation range from level 184 to 0. Players can find it at Y level 96, on lower hills and mountains.

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This is a moderately important resource in Minecraft - players can use coal to fuel smelting and craft torches and campfires. However, as charcoal is pretty much exchangeable to coal, the usual of the latter is fairly limited.

3. Mine at Y level -16 for Gold ores

While gold is not an immediately useful resource, it is needed for a lot of high end crafting. From golden versions of food like Glistening melons to powered rail lines, players will need a lot of gold later on.

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Overall, Y level -16 is the sweet spot for finding Gold ores. Remember that this particular ore is less likely to be exposed to air; 50% of ore blocks that would generate exposed do not generate.

4. Mine at Y level 232 for Emerald ores

Players can use emeralds to trade with villagers in Minecraft for all types of rare items. This makes farming for emerald ores a useful thing to do. However, because of its role as a currency, finding emerald ores is actually rather tricky.

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The most common level for emeralds to spawn is at Y level 232 high up in the mountains. Tall mountains are not that common in Minecraft - players can just hit all the tall mountains they encountered to get emeralds. They can also spawn exposed to air, unlike the usual ores.

Just make sure that you have a Fortune III pickaxes for efficient Emerald mining.

5. Mine at Y level 0 for Lapis Lazuli ores

The importance of Lapis Lazuli is often understated. Players need this particular material to enchant items and extract blue dye. For high level enchantments, the amount of lapis lazuli required is huge. Luckily, the ore is commonly found at Y level 0.

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Players can also dig a bit under that as this ore usually spawn with no air contact.

6. Mine at Y level -58 for Redstone ores

Redstone is by far one of the most useful ores in Minecraft. It is the key ingredient to various recipes and mechanisms in the game, which automate certain processes so that you don't have to do the hard work. Plus, it gives lots of EXP for you to level up faster.

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Players can find Redstone ores generate in the Overworld in the form of blobs. They can be found in levels -63 to 15, the lower the elevation the better. The best level for Redstone is -58.

7. Mine at Y level 232 for Iron ores

Iron is one of the most used minerals in the game, as players usually need iron tools and weapons. It is also a common material to create a lot of other items, including summoning Iron Golems.

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Because of its various usages, it is fairly easy to find iron ores at any Y level. However, if players want to get a lot of iron ores, they are the most common at Y levels 232 and 16. There are also veins between Y levels -8 and -58.

8. Mine at Y level 48 for Copper ores

Copper is a new material with not much uses so far - players can craft it into building materials and tools such as lightning rods and spyglasses. Copper gets oxidized over time and changes color to green.

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Players can find copper at Y level 48 but its ore veins can also spawn lower between 48 and 0.

9. Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Ancient Debris

Netherite gears are the most powerful gear in the game, even above Diamond. Because of that, Ancient Debris is amongst the most sought-after ore blocks in the game.

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However, farming it is pretty tricky, as the block has a low spawn rate and players can only mine in the Nether. Y level 15 is the most common farming height.

10. Mine at Y levels 10-114 in Nether for Nether Quartz

Nether quartz is a white mineral found in the Nether. Nether quartz ore usually spawns from levels 10 to 117 in all Nether biomes, however, it is most commonly found in the Basalt Deltas (32% chance). They play a big role in trading and Redstone systems and can be used to craft a lot of unique blocks.

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11. Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Nether Gold

Nether Gold ore is not that rare and can be spotted at any Y level in the Nether, especially Y level 15.

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