KFC, the famous global chain of fast food restaurants, is working on a video game. With the help of a game developer named Psyop, the fried chicken mogul is going to create a brand new dating simulator dubbed “I Love You Colonel Sanders!. According to a KFC representative, the game would be available for free to everyone on Steam – beginning on Sept. 24.

"I Love You Colonel Sanders!" will put the players in the shoes of a freshman of a culinary school – who’s going to be a classmate of a young Colonel Sanders. While pursuing love, you have to pass every exam at the culinary school too. If you are skilled enough, the Colonel might even offer you to be his business partner. Amongst the nine characters in the cast, there is a dog who’s actually a professor of the school.

Kfc I Love You Colonel Sanders A Finger Lickin Goo
The full cast of characters

According to KFC, there would be quite a few hours of gameplay plus a secret ending and special recipes. Along with the culinary theme, there will also be cooking battles, the 11 herbs and spices recipe, and plenty of miniature foods. All the memes also remind potential customers that KFC actually did sponsor this game.

I Love You Colonel Sanders
How to make the best fried-chicken the world has ever seen

While "I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin' Good Dating Simulator" is a super weird way of promoting chicken fast food products, it is not something that is too out of line. The KFC Gaming twitter official was launched in 2018 – posting memes and video clips all over the place. Recently it also announced a collaboration with Rainbow Six Siege – declaring the game “the best in a World Cup of Games”.

I Love You Colonel Sanders 4
A bucket of KFC glistening in the sun

The reaction from the video game community to this dating sim has been great so far – and Sept. 24 can’t come soon enough.

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