We players probably all agree that match-three titles such as Toon Blast, Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush are incredibly enjoyable. Unfortunately, none of them has an essential thing: the thrill of romantic conquest.

Passion Puzzle is exactly what we're looking for. The newest release from BadBoyApps is a dating simulation/match-3 hybrid that offers you a masterclass in matching not only with colorful blocks, but also with charming partners. That is considered a gigantically exciting twist for the traditional formula of the puzzle genre.

All Passion Puzzle
Passion Puzzle is a unique puzzle game.

You got it right! The game has its own story. Your character will be a good-looking man who is on a trip to a seaside city. Fortunately, this city is full of charming women who are always in the mood for being seduced.

Into the game, you will have countless chances to come across new women, unlock different destinations where you can go to and flirt with them, and unlock plenty of upgrades to gradually turn yourself into a flirting machine.

Passion Puzzle Super Date
You will become a playboy enjoying his holiday.

You can think that this game has a decadent purpose, but actually, Passion Puzzle is a game with an amazing depth where you will be rewarded if you're patient, persistent and have some romantic intuition. You will have to spend your energy carefully and take the right pick-up lines if you want to have a date.

Passion Puzzle Storyline
The game has its own story.

Without questions, Passion Puzzle is a perfect choice for you if you're into dating simulations, but at the same time the game is also a solid match-three puzzle title that features a rich upgrade system as well as numerous boosts to use along the way. If you a looking for a decent puzzler to pass your time, this could be an option as well.

But let's be honest, there is no harm in a little bit of pure flirting with exotic girls from various parts of the world every now and then. As a dating simulation, Passion Puzzle has done its job: giving you a chance to experience the life of a charming playboy on his holiday.

All in all, if you want to give it a try, you can always get Passion Puzzle for free on Google Play and App Store.