Does opening your eyes to one million MTX dollars sounds too good to be true to you? Even if a typical player has a fat chance of getting that good of a deal, it does not mean that kind of incident will never happen.

Recently a player of Apex Legends is believed to have fortune smiles on him when he received more than 125 million coins. To save you some time calculating, in EA and Respawn, that much Apex money is equivalent to $1.1.

It all started with a screenshot shared on Reddit. The player in question suddenly realized that his account jumped to a large amount of 125,169,100 of in-game currency:

Imagine seeing $1.1 Apex coins in your account

He said that that sum of money appeared to be a gift. This may come down to a technical error of this guy has a generous benefactor.

Let’s do some math here. With $99.99 you can buy 11,500 MTX; so in order to get 125 million, a typical player must pay $1,088,318.11. This much in-game coin is enough for the player to enjoy the ten-year game.

A more convincing explanation would be an error that happens to give a player exactly what most others want. Of course, this incident cannot go without Respawn noticing it. A developer has confirmed that they would look into this problem:

An Apex developer replied

Even without a generous gift falling from the sky in the form of Apex coins to get our attention, we just cannot ignore how good the game is doing. It is not hard for anyone to find a positive story about Apex Legends, the one about a gamer with only one arm left having his very first victory on stream for example. If you have been playing for some time, you will probably know how hard it can be to win, so there is no reason to underestimate this former Marine veteran’s effort.

This free game from Respawn Entertainment, which offers a new take on the battle royale genre, is on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.