As with other games belong to the battle royale genre, Apex Legends’ map and what its features are two of the most vital aspects of gameplay.

Flourishing nature and advanced infrastructure combine to great effect creating King’s Canyon, Apex Legends first impressive map. King’s Canyon sports underground areas, cliffs, hills, and ships filled with merchandises. Among them, the Hot Zone is arguably the area that draws the most attention.

For decent loot, players want to make sure that they are at one of the 17 locations specified by name. However, this is not compulsory as there are some other points which have no name but there is a chance that they have no less good loot than the named locations. The best thing about these places is they are often less dangerous.

Points of Interest

Apex Legends 20190205121653
The named spots often have better loot than others

  • Slum Lakes
  • Artillery
  • Relay
  • The Pit
  • Cascades
  • Wetlands
  • Runoff
  • Bunker
  • Bridges
  • Swamps
  • Airbase
  • Hydro Dam
  • Thunderdome
  • Skull Town
  • Market
  • Water Treatment
  • Repulsor

17 points of interest sound like a lot for everyone when it comes to where to land. However, not all of these areas are created equal. For a decent amount of loot, players might want to take their chances at Hydro Dam, Relay, and Thunderdome. These points do not only offer good merchandise but also make getting down to other parts of the game a lot easier.

Thunderdome Spot
Thunderdome is one of the best places for loot

For their advantages, these are often the hot spots for players to land so to stay alive longer, watch your back and remain focused when you are at these places.

Hot Zones

Apex Hot Zone
The hot zone is marked by a blue circle

The Hot Zones are one of the features that differentiate Apex Legends from other titles in the same battle royale genre. At the beginning of each match, one location will be chosen as the Hot Zone and get itself a mark in form of a blue ring.

Landing at this zone and you have a better chance of laying our hand on top-notch loot. And if luck is smiling on you, you may find a fully equipped weapon, which can give you a competitive edge with the gameplay.

This area comes with great benefits, which will attract a lot of other players who want to take their chances with the good loot, making the Hot Zone relatively more dangerous and a harder place to stay alive.

Supply Ships

Apex Legends Tips Supply Ship
Storm the supply ships for loot

Along with the Hot Zones are the supply ships that are laden with merchandise. These ships are airborne and can be seen at the beginning of every match.

These ships are also a good spot for high-quality loot so they may serve as a good landing spot. Players might think that standing that high might result in a deadly fall but it is actually quite easy to get down to the ground thanks to a system of zip lines that connect the ships and the ground.

Another way to approach these ships without landing on them is to wait until they go down. Do not worry about finding their landing locations as they are always marked so that players can see where the ships are heading. These ships will fly constantly until they reach the intended spots.

Supply Ship Al
Supply ships often see fierce competition

As with the Hot Zone, that many benefits usually come with fierce competition as the ships are quite small but the rewards they carry are no less attractive than what is in the Hot Zone. In addition, the ships are visible and accessible to everyone so bear in mind that there will probably be a fight for the good loot.

Respawn Beacons

Apex Legends Map Respawn Beacon
A respawn beacon looks like a red tripod

The dots you see scattering the map are the Respawn Beacons, which are used to put your knocked down squadmates back on their feet. You can always check their locations on the map. They appear under a green dot. What you have to do is to take the Banners of the killed squadmates to the beacon to revive them.

However, if you want to bring back your ally, you have to act quickly. The reason here is the Banner will not last forever. You have only 90 seconds to get it otherwise the killed squadmate will stay dead.

The beacons you need to find resemble a tripod and on its top, there is a hologram. As you advance into the game and know more about its ways around, you will have the chance to find their locations.