If a tofu that used to be a man embarking on a fairy-tale adventure is not enough to impress you, how about that tofu can absorb flavor and turn into a different kind of tofu? That's what the indie developer alchemedium will give you through its latest puzzle-solving game - A Tofu Tail.

I don't know whether tofu can have a tail or not, but I will follow it regardless. A Tofu Tail is a neat game with intriguing music and unique puzzle-solving mechanics that requires you to roll your tofu body around to complete certain tasks. If you feel interested after our brief preview, feel free to try the game yourself via the free demo on Itch.io.

Below is the trailer of the game for better illustration, which you can have a look:

The concept of A Tofu Tail

A Tofu Tail takes a lot of inspiration from Japanese myths and folklore and will bring you to its unique Japanese-esque fantasy world. To be more specific, you'll step into the roles of an unlucky man (at least in his past life) namely Mr. Tofu. We don't know that's his name from the start or not, but later, he was transformed into cube-looking tofu by the playful fox spirit - the Kitsune.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 1
What an unlucky name this man has got!

To fix his misfortune, Mr. Tofu will have to make his journey through the surreal world of the foxes to meet the mischevious spirit again to ask for it to undo his curse. However, all of the fox spirits here are very deceptive and will do some naughty trick on our poor protagonist Tofu.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 2
Explore the spirit realms to find the Kitsune to reverse the curse

Using his tofu brain, Mr. Tofu will have to outwit the foxes here in order to roll to the Kitsune. Will he be able to escape from this dreamlike Kitsune world?

Gameplay features

If the story of this game has told us how challenging the protagonist's journey will be, its gameplay features will show us how he will overcome it. As I've mentioned, A Tofu Tail is a puzzle-solving game that mainly rotates around Mr. Tofu and colors. Basically, you'll have to travel around the puzzle-filled world and fulfill various tasks from entities in Japanese mythology.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 4
Meets the unique creatures in Japanese mythology

Without hands and legs, Mr. Tofu nows only have his face and his cube body to roll around the realms of fox spirits. Luckily for him, he still has his brain (your brains) and his ability to colorful flavors in the hand-drawn Kitsune realms. The gameplay mechanics of this game is very simple: you can only roll on the platforms with the same flavor as you.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 6
Eating a flame flavor will make you spicy!

As you can see from the trailer, you can see how Mr. Tofu rolls and takes a different color when consuming a flavor. To be more specific, you'll have to do that to complete certain tasks that the entities in the realms want you to. For example, you will have to bring water to the Kepas (the frog-like creatures that live underwater). You can also interact with other things around the map as well, such as the transporting platforms or the Tengu (the bird-fox Spirit with wings) that will throw you violently around the realms.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 3
Interact with the environment to solve the puzzles

There are over 100 levels for you to explore, and you'll not only be addicted to intriguing puzzles but also the world of Japanese folklore as well. Together with the upbeat 'chiptune' music and vivid visuals, A Tofu Tail is the best tofu tale you can find in the video game industry.

Free demo available on Itch.io

A Tofu Tail will officially come out for PC on Steam on December 13, but right this moment, you can pre-order the full game on Itch.io with the price of $14.99 (or more). And if you need some experience before purchasing the full game, there's a free demo on Itch.io as well.

A Tofu Tail Pc Steam Itch Io Free Demo 5
A Tofu Tail will be available on Steam and Itch.io on December 13

This free demo will deliver you through over 20 first puzzles of the game, which will give you more than enough taste of A Tofu Tail. Enjoy!