Mind-bending puzzle games often omit their stories and make up for it with its visually-stunning graphics and intriguing gameplay. However, Dreamo wants to be perfect - not only with its cube-related puzzle-solving mechanics but also its landscape and concept as well!

Dreamo is an upcoming adventure puzzle game from the developer Hypnotic Ants, and the publisher Carbon Studio will help to deliver the game to players. And as we're coming closer and closer to the release date of the game, the publisher has brought up a small demo, which will give you an overview on how the game is like.

While waiting for your download to complete, we invite you to see the trailer of the game below:

The background story of Dreamo

Dreamo tells the story of an unlucky pharmacologist namely Jack Winslow. On the flight to his researching island, his plane suddenly crashed, killing almost everyone on the plane. Fortunately, Jack survived, but due to the crash, he is now stuck in limbo and can't gain his consciousness back yet.

Now, Jack doesn't have any other choices but to explore his inner world inside his mind to be able to able to wake up. However, as you're traveling in your colorful dream world through various biomes, you'll soon find that you've lost all of your memories, and they're trapped in Artifacts - the 3D cube with a lot of gears.

Dreamo Free Demo 1
Your memories and consciousness was locked in the Artifacts

When you're baffled in this situation, there's a mysterious voice called Dr. Tara Moreau ring up in your mind. She will be the guider of you in this dreamscape, and together, you'll solve the puzzles to reveal the forgotten memories and its meaning to gain your consciousness back.

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Dreamo is an adventure puzzle game, in which you'll control Jack Winslow exploring his dreamlike inner world to regain your memories and consciousness. And unlike many other puzzles game, Dreamo is heavy narrative-driven, which means you'll gradually open up a lot of mysteries behind your past, which rotates around the matters of morality, symbols, and the life choices' consequences.

To be more specific, all of the puzzles in this game will surround the Artifacts - the fully rotatable cubes that have taken over your mind and lock all of your memories inside. Your missions with these cubes are very simple: adjust the gears back to their suitable positions, and the cubes will unfold, changing the whole landscape to tell the story of your past.

Dreamo Free Demo 2
Dreamo is mainly about solving the Artifacts' puzzles

That sounds very easy, but when it comes to real puzzle-solving, it's a completely new story. The developer Hypnotic Ants has confirmed that the game features almost 30 unique cubes, which are designed differently to put players' skills into a real test. Not only the Artifacts will be more difficult to solve over time but they will also have more modifiers, too. Hence, you won't be able to open them soon, but when you can, the stories they're hiding are worth your efforts.

Dreamo Free Demo 3
Are they still the memories you used to have?

All of the story (containing three chapters) will be told through the voice of you - Jack Winslow and the mysterious character - Dr. Tara Moreau. Together with the vibrant lo-fi dreamscape with vibrant colors and relaxing soundtracks, you won't find the game stressful.

Dreamo Free Demo 6
The game's visuals and music make its experience very relaxing

Release date and supported platforms

Hypnotic Ants and Carbon Studios have planned to fully release Dreamo at an unknown date in Q1 2020.

Dreamo Free Demo 5
Dreamo is coming for PC in Q1 2020

It will be available for PC via Steam, and there is also a free demo for you to try before buying the game as well.