Coming from developer Eruption Games, is a new puzzle game for mobile in which you’ll basically try to solve a Rubik Cube, but on a 2D surface. And apparently, the game is so challenging that the developer has had to warn players about that right in its trailer as well as its description on Google Play and the App Store. We have included the trailer below for you to check out and see for yourself:

Also in the game’s description, Eruption Games even measured the difficulty as somewhere between a Pyraminx and a regular Rubik Cube, which will probably make more sense to those who are more knowledgeable than us in the field of cube-solving.

Because of the numerous shapes and color variations, the puzzle can take on literally a million states – and only one of them is the solution. As a result, hardcore fans of the puzzle genre who are looking for some serious challenges will no doubt find plenty of that on offer here.

Eclidus 76d5_wm
The puzzle can take on literally a million shapes

The presentation is delightful, though. Instead of a cube, Eclidus gives you a hexagonal shape that contains 24 smaller triangles inside. You can then use swipes to move these triangles horizontally or diagonally to where you want.

The game gives off a very satisfying clicky sound every time you do this, which is no doubt an attempt from the developer to give the experience a tactile feel – as if you are actually holding a physical cube in your hand.

Eclidus 2 4f2b_wm
There is only one answer, though. Can you find it?

So all things considered, Eclidus’ heart is certainly in the right place. Hopefully, the difficulty will actually live up to what the developer claims.

Eclidus is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store as a premium app priced at $1.99 (Rs 140).