Every once in a while you come across a mobile puzzler that actually surprises you. The Room did it, Monument Valley did it, and Fractal Space might have done it as well.

This unique and ingenious first-person puzzle game bears some resemblances to other puzzlers on PC and console such as The Witness or Portal. You wake up in a space station, with a in your head telling you what to do. Check out its trailer below:

In terms of the gameplay, this is an environmental puzzler. It starts out pretty simple at first, with you operating switches to deactivate traps, turn off lasers, and generally try to get to your destination in one piece.

But as you progress through the story, things will become increasingly complicated, and you’ll also gain access to new tools as well. Soon enough you’ll find yourself traversing through portals, adjusting mirrors to redirect beams of light, and hopping around using a jetpack.

However, that’s still only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other, subtler details included in Fractal Space that help bring it to life.

Fractal Space B575_wm
The goal is to navigate around traps to safely reach your destination

Deep impact

Another thing about Fractal Space that further sets it apart from other puzzlers in the market is that there are several endings to discover as well as a speedrun mode for those who want to try and complete it as fast as possible. As you can imagine, there’s a massive amount of replayability on offer here.

Fractal Space comes in 2 versions: a free-to-play one and a premium HD one. Awesomely enough, the free version doesn’t generate money from ads – which is a huge plus in our book. It does come with IAPs, but these don’t really impact the gameplay at all. You can think of them as donations for the developer to compliment its good work.

Fractal Space 2 Acbf_wm
The game comes in a free version and a premium HD one

Meanwhile, the HD version offers 4K resolution, better textures, dynamic lighting, and some other perks. You can try the free version first and if you enjoy it, there’s an option to upgrade to HD for a better experience. Of course, all of your progress will not be affected by this at all.

So if you are interested, you can find Fractal Space available for download on both Google Play and the App Store right now.