Nox is a new puzzle game coming from Everbyte Studios, the same company behind the interactive crime game Duskwood. The idea is that you are locked inside a room and must find various clues and tools to find a way to escape, which is the perfect excuse to add in a bunch of puzzles for you to solve. The game is available right now for both Android and iOS. Check out its trailer below:

In terms of the visuals, Nox is incredibly neat, with each room looking like a dollhouse. The game also allows you to rotate your perspective up to 180 degrees to look for various objects and mechanisms that might initially escape your view.

As you progress, you’ll gradually gain access to more parts in the house. Sometimes it might be as simple as using a key that you find through solving the puzzles to unlock a new door. Other times, things might involve extremely complex mechanisms that you'll have to spend quite a while to fiddle with to figure out how to use them to open the next door.

Nox  4fd2_wm
Many rooms filled with clues to discover and puzzles to solve

To keep things fresh, the developer has promised that there will be a wide variety of puzzle types. You can already see many examples of this in the trailer included above: There’s lock-picking similar to what we saw in the Elder Scrolls games, reading documents to discover new clues, and assembling or dismantling objects to find the way forward.

Nox Puzzles 6bd1_wm
Puzzles in this game come in many different types

Nox is more than just about solving puzzles, though, as there is a story behind all of this: You wakes up in a cell with no recollection of how you ended up there. As you try to escape, you'll also discover pieces of information about the house you’re trapped in and find out why you are there to begin with.

Nox is now available on both Google Play and the App Store. It’s a free-to-play game with IAPs.