Neutronized Games, the studio that brought us Yokai Dungeon and Super Cat Tales, is now back with another incredibly cute game. This latest offering is titled Mineblast, a platformer whose primary focus is on destruction. It is set to launch for both Android and iOS next month. Check out its trailer below:

Mineblast will witness the return of Kuro, who first made an appearance in Super Cat Tales. That said, there will be other playable characters as well. In any case, this time around Kuro is here to do some mining, and it seems he’s well-dressed for the job too, coming equipped with a safety hat and a back pocket full of dynamite. The goal of Mineblast, as its name already says, is to blast through mines to try and find gems.

Mineblast Enemies 50ea_wm
Many traps, enemies, and obstacles await in this dark mine

The game is heavily physics-based too, meaning you can create bridges to cross gaps that are too big to jump over by destroying the foundations of wooden structures so that they fall over and cover the gaps. This method can be used to overcome various other hazards and traps as well. For instance, you can blow the ground up to open up ways to navigate around them.

These are just a few examples of the many cute ways that you can manipulate the environment to serve your purpose. One that we found to be particularly cool is when Kuro uses his dynamite to destroy part of a rocky structure and then grabs the broken piece and carries it over his head as a shield to protect himself from a pack of bats that hovers above.

Mineblast Ios Android Featured 4bc0_wm
Use the dynamite to manipulate the environment so that it serves your purpose

Finding all the different ways to use the dynamite is undoubtedly the most entertaining aspect of Mineblast, and we are interested to see what else the game has to offer.

Mineblast will come to both Google Play and the App Store in January 2020, though a specific date is not confirmed yet.