Your spiritual power is even stronger than the firepower in Airtight City! It's a horror-adventure game taking the inspiration from the Resident Evil series from the Chinese developer - Little Bean Games.

In order to give the players a deeper look into this dark post-apocalypse world, the developer has given us a free demo to try before waiting for the Early Access version to strike. While waiting for your download to complete, you can see the gameplay of Airtight City through the video below:

The story of Airtight City

Airtight City has a quite similar context as Resident Evil, as humankind has been trying to overcome the limitations of the lifecycle. They want to break the chain of mundane through technology and science in order to surpass the power that humans can take.

The results, well, is not so surprising. The experiment has failed and caused a severe disaster in the city. Everyone has turned into brainless creatures, and the scenes are nothing but a complete disaster.

You'll play as the survivor after the disastrous event, doing your task of the last defense line of humankind, and trying to make your journey to the neighbor city to seek asylum. However, the more you explore the plagued city, the more mysteries you'll find out that is out of your imagination.

Airtight City Is A Resident Evil Like Game With A
Airtight City is full of mystery

Will you be able to get to the next city safely? Our flesh and soul will be torn by the mindless man-eating creatures?

Gameplay features

In Airtight City, you'll take control of the female survivor, making her way through hordes zombies to get to the city nearby. You'll explore the city, getting the equipment, weapons and ammo you need to stay alive and discover the mystery that has turned this into a dead city.

Airtight City Is A Resident Evil Like Game With A
Looting weapons, ammo, and drugs to stay alive in this hostile city

However, the zombies will not just stand there for you to shoot them down. Instead, they'll make use of all dark corners all around the city and jump at you at the least expected times. Hence, if you don't want your heart to popping out of your mouth sometimes, pay close attention to the game for the best response.

Usually, several shots will be enough to rip the zombies into pieces and nullify them, but it's not the case here. You'll still be able to shot them down, but it takes a lot of bullets, and even when they're torn into limbs, they don't give up. For example, the hands of a dead zombie might still try to grab your head right the second you turn your back into it.

Dangerous as they sound, what are the choices you have when you don't have enough firepowers? The best option, in that case, maybe to stay away from them, take a D-tour, and get back when you have looted enough goods for yourself. However, if you're caught off guard, you'd still have your trusty spiritual power!

Airtight City Is A Resident Evil Like Game With A
Using your spiritual power to get rid of the zombies instantly

It's kind of a free ticket to get you out of the situation by cutting the zombies out. However, using your spiritual powers does have a terrible consequence, making you numb and vulnerable in a short amount of time. Furthermore, there are monsters that can damage your souls instead of your body, which is very dangerous if your spiritual power is not enough.

Airtight City Is A Resident Evil Like Game With A
If you use it unreasonably, you'll get into a dangerous situation

Free demo is available

Airtight City doesn't have any specific release windows yet. However, the developer and publisher Little Bean Games has given us a free demo on Steam and

This demo will give you about half an hour of experience, which you can enjoy while waiting for the Early Access version.

Airtight City will be available for PC through Steam and at launch.

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