It’s time for another wave of freebies to hit Epic Games Store. People have been hating on this store for quite a while, however, Epic is big enough to just buy them out with freebies upon freebies. You can download both Alan Wake American Nightmare and Observer on the storefront for free right now. With their unlimited money from Fortnite and the selling of Unreal Engine, Epic can afford to buy exclusive rights from many games - they can even outright pay the developers to have their game library become free on Epic Store. They have been gaining more and more traction as of late.

Observer Alan Wake Nightmare
Complete your Alan Wake collection on Epic Games Store today, with American Nightmare

Alan Wake American Nightmare is a standalone spinoff to Alan Wake, one of the highest-rated horror games on Steam (this game was also free on the Epic Games Store earlier). In this spinoff slash sequel, Alan would have to chase Mr. Scratch, his evil doppelganger created by the dark forces, who are trying to take away everything he has ever loved.

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Hunt your doppelganger and the force of darkness through the American wastes

Observers is a horror game made by Blobber Team, the minds behind the recent Blair Witch game and the critical acclaimed Layers of Fear. The game is set in a depressing cyberpunk setting, in which you must hack into the minds of criminals to get their memories. In the process, you would have to relive their darkest fears, which in turn would affect your sanity and make you question reality.

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The aesthetic of Observers is distinctively cyberpunk, delivering a unique type of horror story that was unheard of before

Both games are free from today until the end of October 24th. The next rotation of freebies would be Layers of Fear (another game from Bloober Team) and Q.U.B.E 2. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the top 10 best horror games ever created.