Apex Legends has just launched in February but since then, its gamers have also seen a staggering number of cheaters on the PC platform.

Responding to this, the game's developers are working hard to eliminate all these wrongdoers, and according to their newest update, the number of banned cheaters is amazingly high.

While Respawn is struggling to tackle cheating and hacking, the game's cheats and aimbots are everywhere and easy to be download on the internet.

In a Reddit post, Respawn said that they have worked along with EA staff and tried multiple ways to tackle the cheaters, and by now they have had a great progression. According to the post, 770K players have been banned due to cheating, while the other 300K accounts have been blocked from registering.

The blocked 300K accounts may be from the same machines that had been used by cheaters, so to prevent amateur cheaters (at least), they also blocked those cheating-potential devices. It seems Respawn has been really strict with the cheaters.

Respawn said it added a new tool used for report and detecting cheats and thanks to the Easy-Anti-Cheat system, cheats are now more prone to be discovered and got rid of.

They also banned more than 4K accounts due to cheating selling and spamming.

Some are even sharing how to install and use hacks in the game:

Thanks to the huge efforts, Respawn claimed that the number of Apex Legends matches that are impacted by cheating or spamming has dropped more than 50% within the last month.

Hacking and cheating have been among the most irritating issues in battle royale games and Apex Legends is not an exception. Sure, hackers and cheaters are also very stubborn with their endeavors so we must hope that Respawn will keep its high efforts in maintaining a healthy environment for the game to let the number of cheaters drop soon.