Back when it first launched, we have given the launch Apex Legends Season 1 many hypes. There was also that very anticipated Battle Pass coming along with the Season 1.

After everything has gone live, many players feel down because of this Battle Pass. It lacks both in term of its structure and the new content comes with it.

The most frustrating about this Pass is how time-consuming and long it is to level it up. Plus the way that they award XP to players currently also make us want many changes.

Apex Legends Fix Battle Pass Xp Rewards System In
The current system

The proposal

First, let's take a look at the current system of rewarding XP. That includes the XP per kill, top three placing, 100 damage, match victory ...

After seeing the unhappiness of may players with this sort of breakdown structure, a Reddit user with the nick 'trap10xj' has suggested a way to improve the XP rewarding system in each match.

Apex Legends Fix Battle Pass Xp Rewards System In
The proposal

The first proposal is about the '1-second team survived friend bonus', he proposed to apply it to teammates not just friends on your friend list. This is mainly because these days the player often plays with many random teammates.

Another proposal to increase the amount of XP awarded from 50 to 150 for each kill. They also should add 50 more points for each assist as well. So hypothetically a kill could bring back to a team of a maximum of 200 XP points to the team.

Apex Legends Fix Battle Pass Xp Rewards System In
Random teammates

The next one is about increasing the XP bonus to reviving an ally from 25 up to 200, and to respawn an ally from 200 up to 500.

'trap10xj' in his post also proposed 2 new categories of rewarding XP. One is bonus 100XP for each team member who survives until the end, on top of the 900 the winners already get. Second is 0.5 XP for each healing point throughout the match.

It kinda makes sense

Just take a quick look at the proposal and we see that all of the proposals concern some type of increase XP reward for certain achievements or create a whole new way to award XP.

Apex Legends Fix Battle Pass Xp Rewards System In

At first glance, this proposal might not seem realistic. However, take a closer look and all that additions and changes actually not really over the top and make a lot of sense.

We did some calculations and we think that with the current system the player needs to put in at least 100 hours before having any hope of reaching the highest tier in Battle Pass, and with the modern lifestyle that is not a small of time at all.