Apex Legends’ developer Respawn Entertainment confirmed yesterday that the hit battle royale is receiving a new Legend, Octane. This will be the first new character to come to Apex Legends after its launch. He will be released next to the game’s season 1 “Wild Frontier” battle pass very soon.

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Octane, the first post-launch addition to the Apex Legends roster

Details about Octane’s abilities are not yet available on Apex’s official website, but PlayStation Blog has given us a glimpse into what the character is capable of. Most of Octane’s kit is built around his health pool. With his tactical ability, he can move faster, but it only lasts for a few seconds and costs a percentage of his health upon activation. To make up for this, his passive ability heals him whenever he is not taking fire, thus allows him to slowly regenerate the health he spent on abilities or lost in combat.

Octane’s ultimate is Launch Pad. As its name suggests, this ability throws out launch pads on the ground, which anyone can jump on to get a boost into the air. Respawn has even placed some launch pads outside the Market for you to try them out before the new Legend arrives.

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The launch pad gives a boost to anyone that jumps on it

Initially it was not clarified how Octane can be unlocked, but earlier today Respawn Entertainment community manager Jay Frechette revealed on his Twitter that players can gain access to him by spending Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins (Roughly $7.5 or Rs 510). Basically, Octane is similar to Mirage and Caustic in this regard. Also, Frechette has said that a battle pass purchase is not necessary to get Octane.

Octane will arrive alongside a new season for Apex Legends, which also adds several new loot and special events. The game is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for free.