If you ask what is the hottest game in February 2019, our answer will be Apex Legends with no hesitation. This game was released on February 4th and since then, it has already had a few tournaments of its own, a lot of famous streamers playing the game, and new discoveries about the game are published every day. An Apex Legends player just posted on his Reddit account about a very interesting interaction between character Mirage and Caustic.

Apex Legends Mirage Caustic Server Issues Respawn
Mirage and Caustic

However, a small note is that these two characters are locked when you first start the game. With a totally new account, players will receive 6/8 character for free. Mirage and Caustic will be locked and players will need 12,000 Legends tokens or 750 Apex coins to unlock each character. If you want this interaction to work smoothly, we recommend you to unlock these 2 characters first.

About the interaction, Reddit account "liltenhead" have posted on Reddit a scenario demonstrating it. If you are playing Mirage and you see a toxin trap from Caustic, you can send a decoy of your to the trap to trigger it. Obviously, this would trigger the trap, but the fun part is that after the trap exploded, your decoy will indication the current location of Caustic. This is due to the fact that Mirage decoy will indicate the source of the damage it takes. This is a huge advantage since you can know where Caustic is without taking any damage.

Moreover, Mirage players can use this trick against Gibraltar and Bangalore too. Sending a decoy of yours to Gibraltar and Bangalore’s ultimate will also indicate the locations of these two characters as well. But the more common use of this trick will be with Caustic since setting up toxic traps is Caustic’s tactical skill, while Gibraltar and Bangalore’s raining hellfire skills are ultimate skills of these two characters.

Bangalore 1 800x400
Mirage's trick can be used against Bangalore
Gibaltar 1 800x400
Mirage's trick can be used against Gibaltar

After knowing this interaction, you will have a different strategy in your next Apex Legends matches.